Anything similar to Triple Triad?


Just remembered how much time I spent on FF8 just playing the card game and not following the actual story line and its game play and I feel the urge to play it or another spin off of it that is just as good but online with possible offline play. Kind of like how Duelyst would be the little brother to Hearthstone.

I’m aware of the newer online FF game that also has Triple Triad but I’d rather not have to worry about a monthly sub just to play the game that’s within the game :stuck_out_tongue: and if possible, anything through steam is preferred.


I loved FF8 and that card game within it as well. That’s the only game within a game I ever spent that much time with it was implemented really well.


That’s exactly it, they figured out a fully functional TCG style game but only implemented it within the FF series as a mini game. There was one part in 8 that I got stuck on (because I wasn’t paying attention to the text ;_:wink: which required me to find a ship, hidden somewhere in the world. Problem was, I had no idea what I was looking for so I started checking literally every corner of the map aside from the one spot I didn’t know existed and it ended up putting a pause on continuing the game and that’s when I discovered the beauty of Triple Triad. After 1-2 years of playing the game off and on, giving up on that mission to find the hidden something, I spent the rest of my FF8 days getting every single card I could possibly obtain, and I loved it.

Turns out there’s the Final Fantasy Portal App for Android and IOS but it’s not working with my iPad for some reason and my phones display has been needing a fix for a while now…