Anything New For Project Triforce?


I just checked and I’m pretty sure the last thing they had on there was Kraken. And it doesn’t seem like they are doing anything else as they haven’t done anything for 3-4 months.

I’m worried : /


didn’t they have bucket, abe and jack in progress ? they better not cancel jack because i need to buy him for my friend…


What’s project triforce…?


There are a company there creates small statues of characters in games


Nothing for Evolve is available for sale yet, only pre-orders.
They’re selling most of them in a limited edition and won’t sell them until all 500 are made.

I seriously doubt that we will see any other characters pop up on their site though.





rip my dreams for emet statue


Emet?! What about Kala! Wraith, Behemoth, Gorgon!


i see your point but listen… emet is adorable. and he could have a light up screen as his face!! imagine… cmon TRS… you’re missing out on big bucks here (mine, evidently)


Woah, I can see that! And maybe MAYBE smoke coming out of his gun


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