Anything new coming to evolve?


I haven’t been on the game in a couple months l, but I remembered how awesome it was so I got back on as monster but can’t find any hunters to face, is there anyone still playing this game on xbox one and does anyone know if more content is coming soon?


There’s a huge title update that looks like it’s going to change a lot of what we know about Evolve. From class abilities to map overhauls!


Title update 09-
Damn you Mountain!


Well the game is pretty much a desert right now and as for new content, new variations for the rest of t2 and maybe some of t3 will come out with the new update thats going to drop this month. Also this update will change a lot if not everything in the game


Visit this thread often, new things keep getting revealed :slight_smile:
This as well

This should update you with what’s currently happening.


On console?
Ranked may be a desert, but quickplay is pretty poppin. Definately check rhe above posts, tons of new content coming out this month sometime SOON.


Quickplay is where all of the players are on at the moment on xbone.

Feel free to add me by the way.
My gt is V0id 0m3g4

If it says that im playing gta or the devision, then it is likely that it is not me online as i let people use my profile while im working.


Im guna add u tonight void if thats cool with you. Im just grinding masteries until the TU but after…im guna be bothering everyone i kno to play lol


Sounds great. :+1:


A lot of the Evolve regulars on Xbox are playing customs because hunt is dead.


Sucks cause ranked is the only fun mode to play.




Well that is true, and it also offers the best “rush” or “thrill” you can get out of the game because of the competative aspect.
But alas, right now, anytime you DO manage to find a game of ranked, unless you go in with a full team, theres always some newb playing ranked trying to learn the game with no mic an no common sense dragging the hunter team to their death…
So i live in quickplay.
Especially since rankings are being reset (thank god).
Long live the Freequel.


On xbox the game has plenty of people, as long as you play quick play.