Anything locked in Evolve Legacy since the shut down for anyone?


When selecting monsters I do not have Meteor Golaith or Elder Kraken. They do not even show up with a padlock icon.


I’m not sure if this has happened to me, because I haven’t logged on for a long time. When I get the chance to check I’ll post my findings. I know for a fact that it has happened to @Dovahkick and I’m pretty sure @Roy_Coatney as well.

Have you checked for any hunter variations that have gone missing too?


@Shika has this issue as well, she contacted the customer care and actually got a staff member to help her. Althrough she got help, they did not find any solutions to fix the issue.


For me no one was gone, but Torvald was locked.


Yep, as Dovah mentioned I’ve encountered this issue and have been stuck with it since June. No variations showing up in character select and on top of that almost all the skins (even the ones I payed money for) gone. When playing solo the missing characters can still be selected by the game as bots, but I myself can’t access them.

Been in contact with 2k support for nearly three weeks about it, and while the guy that tried to help me was an absolute champ and even spent time looking into this on his days off during the weekend we found no real solution to fix the issue.

If anyone wants me to, I can try to summarize the whole back and forth with support to see what was attempted to fix it, though. Might give someone else an idea on what more we could try…


Magic. This will be fun to try and fix : |


Nothing was locked for me. In the past I had all my variants locked when I switched from S2 to Legacy. If anyone has this issue contact 2K support and they will fix the problem for you as they did for me.


everything seemed fine for me. I did notice that launching the game caused windows to ask if it was working properly… It took longer than usual. Then when exiting it also took 20 seconds which was way longer than it use to. But worked fine otherwise!


@deanimate You’re not the only one missing the variants from his reel. I found that unusual myself.


Haven’t noticed on this install yet… Last time.>Elder was hidden from me for some reason… but I haven’t checked yet. Once I do, I will update here.


It’s so weird. I even had legacy installed before stage 2 shutdown so it shouldn’t be something to do with installing it after that


That’s because the backend tools were still online to help.

Too late now for anyone having issues.


This is really weird. I bought a regular key from g2a a few months ago and nothing’s locked for me.


I haven’t got the slightest clue to what is going on I can’t even get into multiplayer to make custom games. Go figure 2k fu*ks up again :rage:


Well that is really disappointing to hear. I was hoping that 2k would at least leave legacy alone and let players enjoy the final remains of evolve, but nope.

Dear lord please make 2K bankrupt.


Legacy will be fine. this is a general server outage


Really and they r going to fix it? Lol


Oh that is good to hear.


Legacy, I think, does not have any server since its multiplayer is based on Peer-to-Peer.


Never happen as long as they have their sports franchise sadly. As far as my problem it probably won’t be fixed. It’s 2k so I’m being realistic. They don’t know how to.