Anything being done performance wise?


When I played in Alpha and Beta both my medium-high end PC’s had trouble running Evolve on any graphic settings. Ie medium - high PC being meeting the game’s recommended requirements or above them.

Is the game going to be more optimized/stable on release than it was in Alpha/beta phases? Have there been any improvements in this area? Thanks…

Post beta tuning adjustments

I really hope so but im not sure. I do know that the Alpha and beta were on old builds though (i believe they were on the same build too). I had imput delay which was annoying (the only game i’ve played with imput delay).


Yeah I hear that they are old builds, hence why I would really like to get a dev response. I’ve been having second thoughts on my pre-order, because I don’t want to be stuck with a game I cannot play. I can’t find anything about them trying to address the many performance concerns people were reporting.


Whats you set up @worksa10 ?
Mine is:
Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @3.20GHz
GTX 650
8GB Ram
Windows 7
Single monitor (classed as gaming monitor if that changes anything)
I ran lowest settings on everything but imput lag still occurred with mouse movement.

And @JohnnyFlash or, @MacMan, or @SlabOMeat. Any light on this. I assume there has been inprovments between builds but there has been no confirmation (that i’ve seen)


Same CPU as you actually, but with a MSI GTX 760 TF OC GPU (2GB VRAM), 8GB Ram

I even tried it on a friend’s computer, he was lagging with an i7 processor and a GTX 960, 16GB ram

It really was not running well for a lot of people, so I rather concerned I might have to cancel my pre-order, and buy it again a bit after launch when I know it’s fully optimized for most current hardware, and Nividia has made proper drivers for it.

I got burned by Lords of the Fallen, and then Dragon Age Inquisition so I’ve been trying to get out of the pre-order habbit. (DA;I released patches which optimized their game better, and fixed the lag entire though, it just took them like a month or two after release).


That measly 2GB of VRAM is the culprit. If you want to run above about medium graphics you really need a graphics card with 4GB of VRAM or more.


Alright, I assumed the game would run on lowest settings with 2 GB VRAM (I mean it recommends a card that is primarily a 2GB card in it’s requirements)

I will look into it briefly, but If that is the case, I will cancel my pre-order for now then. I want to play it, but I can’t afford a whole new GPU, so I will have to pass on Evolve for now I guess.


Would still like a dev confirmation on the issue, and if the game is supposed to be able to run on a 2GB card at least, I mean I would expect lowest settings to work and give more than the 25 FPS it gave me.


Yeah I looked into it and I think you are mistaken, or they will need to update their recommended system settings if that is true:


I cant find where it was said but Nivida is having a driving optimized for Evolve coming out on the 10th


Is your win 7 updated to sp1? If all the drivers are fine, I reckon some win7 updates or lack thereof might cause some trouble. Don’t take my word though.


Yeah I am all good there, no hardware problems or anything right now either. It would have to be either the lack of Nividia drivers for it, or the game itself and it’s optimization, or possibly both. With Dragon age Inquisition it took both Nividia patch, and 2 game updates after that to make it playable for everyone else.


What, even low settings don’t run for you? 2GB is fine for low and medium. Did you turn off anti-aliasing entirely? It’s hugely expensive and makes no real visual difference. I had no problems with weaker hardware (i7-860, GTX 660ti) on medium, no AA, 1080p. What resolution are you trying to push?


Yeah 1080p, but on even lowest settings all things disabled I got under 30 FPS.


The performance’s on decent rigs is a bit worrying having something like

Intel Core i7-4770k CPU @4.5 (OC)GHz
GTX 780
8GB Ram
Windows 8.1

1080p 40-60+ fps and 1440p 30-50fps+ is really weird.
Then some people reporting running the game on worse rigs on max settings 60fps sounds like a problem.

Hopefully when the game is released Drivers will fix most of these issues and maybe they will day1-1month patch some performance.


AMD A10-6800K (4.1ghz quad)
GTX 750 Ti (2GB memory)
8gb of ram
1440x900 resolution
I ran on partially medium partially low graphic settings with AA off, and I got no framerate lag, but any higher and I would get some pretty bad.

And honestly, the game was still pretty beautiful.


Yeah, really hoping to get an official word on this.


Drivers can play a big role too


Evolve ran just fine for me on my laptop. (And even better on my desktop, glorious 3440x1440p :stuck_out_tongue:)
Check your drivers.


My drivers were fully up to date at time of both alpha and beta trials.

It was not just me, most people I played with, my friends included, all reported heavy performance problems. Some of these people had slightly worse PC’s than mine, some had better.


There was a whole bunch of advice about ensuring that your settings were such that it wasn’t auto-choosing which graphics to use, I don’t know if that was something you tried or not?

What sort of lag was it, FPS issues or unresponsive controls?