Anyone willing to give advice or answer questions from someone that actually wants to improve?


Hey guys, been enjoying Stage Two so far but there are some elements that annoy the every loving… Annoy me greatly :stuck_out_tongue:

I get the impression that some of my issues can easily resolved by altering my play style, hence why I am putting myself out here for responses and criticism (I expect at least one ‘git gud’ comment in advance.)

  1. Running out of jet fuel during dome combat. As much as I try to conserve my fuel while chasing the monster, once the monster has it in for me I can only dodge and evade for so long till I am caught and slaughtered, this is a great concern when I am playing Medic because as it stands it’s “Stood Slim’s gun and pray for 4” till the dome runs out.

  2. Deployables like Sunny’s shield drone and Bucket’s turrets either don’t deploy correctly or are taking out too quickly to be effective. With Bucket’s turrets I’m starting to develop tactics like sitting them on awkward ledges or spacing them apart, but I cannot get to grips with Sunny’s shield drone. Feels like I’m wasting a huge part of her skills by not correctly setting this up.

  3. Dealing with Kraken. Elder or normal, all advice wanted.

That’s all I can think of for now, any other advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!


Kiting/roaching along with perks for jetpack recharge and flight management are great. Off course you wont be able to dodge the monster all the time, but the longer the better.


I’ve got Rocket Man Minor to it’s max stage so far, just working through my characters to get more silvers. But I did get the impression later perks will sort me out. Thanks though!


Here’s a video that shows how great sunny is (with the right teammates):

As for Sunny, quickswitch does wonders along with reload speed and some jetpack recharge.


Thanks mate, I’ll give it a watch!


We have a discord chat channel if you want to find people willing to give tips there too, btw… :slight_smile:


I may pop on, not a big fan of Discord however. Cheers though!


This may be helpful for you


Cheers mate! That’s pretty much exactly the sort of stuff I hoped to find, thanks again!


Don’t try to dodge everything. This is a big mistake a ton of people make, and it’s really just a game of determining what your Medic can handle healing and what they can’t. Take some hits, but dodge big ones.

The shield Drone has a deploy time of 8 seconds IIRC (haven’t used her in a while, but I don’t remember it being changed either). This means it has to be sitting out for 8 seconds before it can shield, so it requires you to either set it up before combat or be on point with her Booster and keep your team alive long enough to make use of the Drone.

Stasis makes his day a good bit harder. Forces him to focus on staying in the air more and slows him down a lot when he hits the ground. Assault Primaries don’t generally do squat to him, but most secondaries can shred him. I find Lennox, Markov, and Blitz Markov have some of the best anti-Kraken secondaries, and Lenny/Markov also have the ability to deal consistent damage to him when he lands. Blitz, however, does not.

Of course, this is all based on my experience, so take it with a grain of salt.


Moderation is key with jetpacks.

Against fliers, you need beam teams to retard the monsters manuverability.

And of course communication with agreeing when to pop dome.

The best time to dome is variable but the go to method should be wait for your monster to flee battle


Thanks mate, great advice all round!

@Kathryn_James Cheers! Good things to keep in mind :smiley: