Anyone who preordered a regular copy or Monster Race got screwed over


So if you preordered a regular copy of the game, you get the Savage Goliath skin as what I thought was a thank you and should’ve only been given to the people that pre-ordered the game no matter what edition they got. They also got the Monster expansion pack (which was a great deal to save $15), but as I learned recently, the Monster Race edition was sold at either $60 or $70 AFTER the game was launched (based on the people I talked with). So they get tier 5, comsmic skins for the first 3 tiers of monsters, and the Jade skins for Behemoth all at either the same price, or just $10 more. For those people that paid $100 for the monster race edition also got gipped because they paid 30-40 more dollars for the same stuff as the people that got it for the smaller price. I can no longer say I am happy with this game and it’s decision making. What I’d suggest you do is give the people who preordered the regular game the same stuff as monster race ( at least SOME), and give the people who paid $100 for the Monster Race tier 6 and/or exclusive skins. This is an outrage. I feel badly for anyone who fell into this pit of bs with me. @macman @SlabOMeat


I pre-ordered the Monster Race edition and I got Behemoth though?


You should’ve. That’s fair since you paid the price for it.


Doesn’t PCMR also get T5 monster and two T5 hunters?

That’s another $30 give or take.


Yes, then they should AT LEAST be getting all of tier 5 in my opinion based on this if they paid $100 for it.


PCMR is still $100 normal, but yeah it might have gone on sale at some point. Frankly by my math I might still have found $100 to be worth it, but I preordered it for $77 anyway which was easily worth it, and still is. People who pay full price are suckers :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I entirely understand what your actual complaint is, other than “someone who waited longer got the same thing as me for less money” which, frankly, is just life.


It shouldn’t be that way. This is what I hate about the gaming industry.


Blah blah I deserve more stuff blah blah.

I don’t think about my game purchases in terms of what other people got and paid. I calculate value for myself. $100 even without any benefits would have been worth it to me just for the time I got out of the alphas.

My approach makes for a happier life btw, in all things you do :slight_smile:


That has nothing to do with the gaming industry - that’s just spending money. The same applies for cars, clothes, gadgets, whatever you’re into. If you spent the money on something, you decided it was worth it at that time for that price, and someone else being able to get it later for less doesn’t change that. Getting angry about it is just looking for things to bitch about.

That said, if it had all gone on a major sale pre-release with no option to get it for the cheaper price I could see it, but a game going on sale a few months after release is not a new thing.


So you support screwing people over that wanted to support the game early on? Yeah I don’t wanna live in a dark fantasy.


I preordered the game, paying full price for the most expensive version. I’m happy with what I got. If you regret your purchase, regret it because it wasn’t worth it to you, not because someone else got more for a similar price.


So you’re saying I shouldn’t bitch about people getting screwed over for paying more than what they could’ve without even having a chance to cancel their pre-orders and get the nice deal? Yeah. Great opinion there bud.


He has his opinion, you have yours.


It’s not just the gaming industry that’s like this. Houses depreciate in value. Cars depreciate. Most things depreciate in value until they’re valued so little that they’re thrown away.

Simple fact is, if you didn’t think it was worth the price at the time then you wouldn’t have bought it.


I can’t believe people actually support ludicrous bullcrap like this. It’s funny and sad at the same time.


You are entitled to your opinion, but do not belittle others for their opinion.


It’s called a sale. Every game has sales. Half the comment sections on Evolve articles were telling people to just wait for it to go on sale. It is no secret that this would happen.


What does the gaming industry have to do with not paying full price?


The gaming industry has been going with having people pre-order their products then giving this thing called quote on quote ‘pre-order content’ That said content is supposed to be only for people that pre-order. Yet in so many franchises they later sell that content making it seem worthless later on. They also make sales like this and screw people over without taking into consideration about how it would impact the customers that paid the said price for the regular while the better version was higher than it. Then only after less than a month after release, they sell that better version for the near the same price as the regular version. I understand if they would’ve done it like 6 months to a year later, but less than one month? That’s not right.


I wasn’t belittling them. I was calling them out. There’s a difference buddy.