Anyone want to team up? (Xbox one)

I’m in the top 300 for all classes but Assault, which I don’t play. If anyone wants to team up, feel free to leave your gametag. I play a lot of trapper and support, but can play medic as well. Elite in all characters in all three classes. :smile:

You seem really skilled! :slight_smile: I mainly like to play Support. I can also play Assault, mostly comfortable with Sunny and Hyde. I not very skilled with medic. I won’t be as good as you, but send me a message on Xbox if you are still looking! My GT is Auhsie.

I’m not sure where I rank but I’ve been playing since betta and this is the only game I play lol. I do consider myself a very good player and always looking for more people to add.
Gamer tag- Picarello

Been playing since alpha and like the guy above this is the only game I play. I mostly play support and trapper but am willing to play anything.

Added you :slight_smile:

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Added you!

You’re added! :slight_smile:

I can play everything and have elites everything in the game except sunny, slim, torvald, and Lennox. I’d really appreciate some teammates to play with

NARGH2 on the one

Nice! Added. Feel free to join my game or send an invite whenever :slight_smile:

HWM Sarge on Xbox One. Been playing with friends who aren’t as into the game so been stuck in win 2, lose 1 hell.

Hi, i play xbox one, and the only class i don’t really use is assault. I would be up for some good teamplay. :smile:

Got all T1-3 hunters elite and Sunny needs 5 more T3 shield points to be finished.

Used to play constantly at launch but gave up when all my regular team quit playing. Came back for 2.0 and enjoying playing again with good players.

GT = Weaponmaster 55


Looking to jump back into the game after the recent awesome updates!

Good at Trapper, decent at Medic & Support
I usually play 8-10 PST

GT - ddSlyMcNastybb

I’m down for a few games. I will play assault if you prefer.

GT: TheRubexCube

I really need a team. Ever since Patch 5.0, playing with randoms doesn’t work. I’ve lost every. single. game as Hunter. No amount of communication will turn the tide when you have some of new players fighting Dune Beetles and Sloths instead of the Goliath that is killing the Medic.

I have a mic and I usually play Trapper and Assault, though I have all reached Elite for all the vanilla Hunters.

GT: Hazerblade

I need a more consistent group of people so I’m adding everyone.

I’ve elited everything and don’t have a main (I enjoy trapper most but I play everything well)

I play 5-930pm CST(I work over night)

GT: EmperorJoker21