Anyone want to team up on ps4? Need Some Competitive players


Psn : Kaot1cuco add me and im down to play as whoever ill use any of the tier 4 guys :slight_smile:

Edit: I play on EST time late nights unless planned im down whenever. I got a mic and of course communication is the key!


??? anyone




thanks ill add u man!


I’ve been looking for more steady players. Feel free to add me. Tha-Fever


Add me ViCe-_-KaRTeL ill add u to the ps4 chat I made for grps and team scrims


Great thanks man! I added u


Great me too!


Would you be willing to play in a semi competitive group? We tend to switch roles constantly but we still need a good medic and/or trapper player and good communication in general!
PSN: Gaboman8991


I’m down dude. I’m looking for a solid team that knows how to communicate and plan effectively. I’m primarily a support type, with medic as a secondary. Beyond that i’m gonna be useless as any other class. But hit me up. My PSN ID is: Ghost_XVll (That’s 2 lowercase L’s not uppercase EYES)


Im down during what time do you play? I play on est time usually late nights unless planned. I play lots of medic and trapper and i have parnell mastered so im good with assault also trying to get used to the new tier 4 guys which are really fun to play with


Hell yeah thats what im saying communication is key in this game!


We’re on est as well, this week is our spring break, but I know I’ll be on next weekend for sure. Anytime is good for me usually during the weekends. If we get enough people we can just do private games switching off monster roles if that’s cool.


Got u sounds like a plan im down for whatever! Just hit me up