Anyone want to join us to make a full party of 5?


We have a group of three right now, and some of us want to be the monster to fight against each other. Since we can’t do that normally, I am assuming if we get five people then one of us can finally pick the monster while in a group. So I thought I’d ask if anyone (2 people), would be willing to join our party for some fun Evolve game. Level or experience doesn’t matter, would be a great way to learn as well.


You are incorrect. That won’t be available until beta at earliest, but will be a feature of the full game.


So if we get a party of five, how would that work if none of us can still be the monster? Or can you not get a group of 5 yet?


WHAT? You dirty cheater, stat-padder, booster, griefer, casual player you! :smile: You cannot do that!

No, seriously, you cannot form parties of greater than 4 and people in your party may not play the monster. The devs have confirmed you’ll have to wait for the retail release for a custom game mode that will enable this. We are only testing the competitive system which does not allow larger parties to protect the integrity of the matchmaking and stats system.