Anyone Want an Invite to Xbox Preview Program?


You can play 360 games early and stuff.

My GT is gh0st wh1sp3r


My brother wants it! it would be awesome if you invite him :smile:
Edit: His gamer tag is TrueRafa27 (:


Can I get more info on what this is exactly?


Yes, I’d love it.

GT: TheRubexCube


So what’s the catch? What else would we need to do if we were preview members?


Yes please. GT is xRock Fan


Keep in mind that you’re not guaranteed to get in, I invited several people who never got messages from Xbox. Also having a different version of the dashboard can cause difficulties, such as not being able join parties if others don’t have the same version.


Yes please, I would like in. My gamertag is xShadyShadow.


Um. Are you asking about a catch from me? Nothing,


I was just curious about the advantages/disadvantages of being a preview member


You get to sample new stuff, earlier. Like playing the backwards compatible 360 games.




Well if you want to invite me my gamer tag is Mr Tea Wrex

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Is it true what he’s saying ? Do you have difficulties joining other people ?


Huh? Basically an invite is a suggestion to Xbox.

It’s just that you need to be suggested (invited) to have a chance.


I would love an invite please: sgt J awesome.


Read up a few comments. He talks about the preview dashboard or something. Is what he’s saying accurate?


Might as well go for it!
GT: Komomodo

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Oh. Well basically you’re a tester for the dashboard and new features. If weird stuff happens, they consider you covered under the preview warranty.


Ah I see. Makes sense