Anyone wanna see a Nova Dragon, or an Orion Terrorsaur?


I hope this wildlife gets added sometime. They sound pretty cool.


…Nova Dragon?


You ever heard Caira and Cabot talk about the monsters? Caira says one could see goliath looks like a Nova Dragon crossed with an Orion terrorsaur. They are talking about wraith. I also think Parnell needs to be in there.


“I keep telling ya, that was a cartoon”


The wrestling part but Griffin says he has a head and I think he gave it to cabot


Terrorsaurs are real. Hyde just thinks Griffin wrestled one.


I doubt these will be wildlife, because, well, Shear and all. But adding them in would be pretty cool.


He gave it to Cabot. It’s either on the mothership or the dropship.


I dunno we already got two trappers with pets next we could get an Assault with a pet


Thanks I wasn’t positive but I thought I remembered a dialogue saying he gave it to Cabot to hang up.




Well isn’t the mothership technically the dropship? Unless you’re referring to the evacuation ship.
What if the head is what’s staring at Cabit during the loading screen.


The evacuation ship is different from the dropship, you see that in the cinimatics. I think the option is on the extras menu. Yeah sorry I didn’t differentiate too well.


Technically no. A mothership isn’t a dropship by definition. A mothership is the same thing as a flagship, while a dropship, well… Drops things off somewhere. It’s like a crew transport.

Think of an aircraft carrier and a cargo plane. The aircraft carrier is the mothership, and the cargo plane is the dropship.


If you want to get technical, two trappers and a medic.


Is sunny’s shield drone considered a pet too?


No. That’s a robot.

Slim’s Drone is bioorganic.


So her drone is just a tool to be used and abused :sob:

…you sure it isn’t Buckets Son? He has been all over the galaxy after all…


What…? Yeah, I’m awake… OH. YEAH. Orion Terrorsaurs should be in this game! I’m that one person on the forums who is OVER OBSESSED with Orion Terrorsaurs. Yeah… That’s me. We need it in the game.

The one quote people use to crush my dreams about Orion Terrorsaurs.

You know your facts :wink:


It’s gonna be a monster :heart_eyes: