Anyone wanna play evolve custom with me on PS4?

Hi I’m looking for 4 people who want to play evolve with me on PS4. We will do 5 matches on random modes and events. Everyone will change roles each round so everyone will be in each role through the play through

  1. Mics are optional

  2. I won’t be using a mic but I will be messaging about who will be who

  3. Be around at 8 pm UK time( I will probably do it again tomorrow and the day after tommorow just in case you can’t make it.

  4. Please don’t say hateful words towards others and play nice! Also, PLAY YOUR ROLES PRECISELY if you are a hunter!

My PSN is bigbamboo7 so message me if you are ready to join. Also say your PSN names below so I know who is joining!


It’s possible I will join :slight_smile:
PSN - Mr_WiZard-God
If I can be able to get on during that time.

Message me when your ready​:smiley::smiley::smiley:

I sent you an invite

I’m not able to play atm. I will be on later. In 1-2hrs.
Sorry! :frowning:

It’s ok! I’ll probably be on until 10pm

It’s 3:26 PM EST where I am, and you’re 5hrs ahead of me. Which is a problem if were to group up, unfortunately.

Tomorow then

I’d too like to join.
Psn: xanitz.
I play most if the night, friend me :smile:

I will do it tommorow 8pm UK time

I’ll happily play with you tomorrow.
I’ll message you now but I won’t be on my PS4 until tomorrow evening. I live in the UK too and should have no problem getting on by 8pm.

Thank you Sedo

demonhunter1245, PS4 is in maintenance right now, but when It gets back I would love to play with you guys!

Ok thanks demon hunter

See you at 8 pm UK time

Sadly I won’t be able to do it today because of issues but I might do it tommorow at 7:00 pm UK time