Anyone waiting for The Witcher 3 : Blood and Wine?


Hi everyone !

I’m (a little) surprised that everyone talk about Overwatch, and there is nothing about this RPG master-piece !
It comes tomorow and it looks great from what I see !

Is there any Evolve players that will do this DLC ?

I’m reading the 4th book, and it just hype me more, there are great :slight_smile:
Did you read them ?


I gotta wait until the 20th of June for me, my exams run on late, but I am really excited!


The theme of the DLC fit well with the summer :slight_smile:


I haven’t even finished the main game >.>


I haven’t finished the main game and aren’t even a high enough level to start Hearts of Stone yet lol

I’ll buy it, but in the future.
I know @snowkissed has been waiting :slight_smile:


:open_mouth: I hope I’m done with Bloodborne by then!


Crap, I just realized it’s available now. Dilemna. :fearful:


Play them both at the same time!


One does not simply play things along with a Souls game…


Waiting for it to finish downloading and then I’ll be unsociable for a good amount of time :slight_smile:


I don’t even know if I will be able to play it tonight, 15Go is too much for me ^^


It’s only 7.8GB for me for some reason?


I know it depend of the platform (I’m on PS4), but the figures I saw was always around 10-15 Go.
I’m not sure but Go may be different of GB ?


Ah I’m on PC and it’s almost at 2GB now but I gotta go out to do something so I’ll be back later


Idk if it’s because I have the Blood & Wine DLC or if it’s a new patch (or both) but all the menu’s look so much better!

Things are separated into categories in the inventory now!

New minimap thing in the bottom right

Quest menu looks better and have region icons next to them

done with spam now


This changes comes with the patch and are free for everyone :slight_smile:


OMG, that’s so pretty! I downloaded it last night. I actually also have to play Hearts of Stone, might be a good time to binge through both :smile:

The good thing about Witcher 3 is I can pause it, which makes it puppy friendly. Bloodborne/Dark Souls…notsomuch.


Hearts of Stone is good and I’m really enjoying Blood and Wine currently, good characters and story in both DLC’s :smile:

But seriously though, you should play Hearts of Stone as soon as you can! Missing out on two amazing DLC’s for an already amazing game :wink:


I LOVE Patrick Brown, just found out he did a Blood and Wine piece


I’m probably going to redownload the game to play it again on a hard difficulty with both of the DLCs. I really enjoyed my experience the first time, so I can’t wait to play it again with even more content.