Anyone using hunter perks besides Jetpack Recharge?


Didn’t notice until I took it off how ridiculously slow the jetpack recharges. Anyone effectively playing with other perks?

Jetpack Perk feels mandatory

Yup, particularly reload/recharge speed.


Depends on the characters. Capacity is pretty much essential for Caira, quick switch for Val. I used to rely very heavily on jetpack recharge, too, but you honestly probably shouldn’t be spamming jetpack that much anyway. Just experiment a little, you’ll be surprised how well the other perks work.


I find myself LOVING Health Regen with Parnell and a Lazarus. And when my team is communicating, and I’m getting my shield from Hank and the damage spots from Laz. Parnell, is a hero…with regenerating health.


This and health regeneration for me.


I’m ranked 100th in the world as Hyde and all I use is battery or clip capacity increased 33% so I can just dump flamethrower for like 15seconds straight.

I easily do 8-11,000 damage per match with just the flamethrower.


Been enjoying health regen on assaults (particularly Parnell or when there’s a Lazarus on the team), capacity increase/reload speed/quick switch on Hank (leaning towards quick switch because Hank’s laser cutter is so good I don’t want to be sitting on the shield because I can’t swap to it fast enough when it’s required), want to try damage increase on assault when it’s rank 3 just for the hell of it, reload speed is fun on Griffin, capacity increase on Caira (creatly increases the size of her burst heals) and recharge rate on Lazarus.

The only cases where I lean towards jetpack recharge are with Bucket and sometimes Hyde (just for more freedom to mess around with jetpack fuel to stick to the monster).


I’m not being sarcastic or insulting when I say this: You will pick other perks when you get better.

I played +80hrs in the alpha; I took jetpack recharge every single time. I played +60hrs in the beta; took jetpack recharge every time. I came to the forums and said the exact same thing you’re saying now. Now that I’m playing the full game, I’ve never taken it once. Once you know the maps better, know how to move more effectively and how to better manage the fuel you have, you’ll see how much more useful the other perks are.


Yea, I never use jetpack recharge.

I do find the 200% height perk pretty useful for my medics though, its another good dodge to get them out of trouble that people don’t usually expect. Has saved me a couple of times.

With Bucket I pick the damage increase because it adds up over time but generally I just pick the cooldown perk.

I haven’t decided if the health regeneration is better than the damage resistance, I am still waiting for people to parse those numbers but once we know then one of those will be my usual picks.


You can make a good case for reload and items, and maybe for movement speed with certain Trappers. I’m very interested in trying health regeneration, but it just says 15 each second… I don’t know how much health each Hunter has, so I can’t judge its worth. If its 15 out of 3000, for example, then thats useless.


Same here. I go back and forth on which one I think is more usefully defensively.

I think it depends on the medic. Laz = no heals, so take health regen. Caira = lots of heals, take damage reduction. Val can go either way.


Well I still think the jetpack perk is a great perk, but I tend to take increased capacity size on Caira and Quick Switch on Hank.

On Cabot I would think about reload speed or increased damage (rail gun ftw) and for me increased damage on the assaults because I’m not that good on them and do not seem to be able to hit the monster as much as I like. This way at least when I hit it it hits harder.

I like the perk system though, all useful stuff for different situations. Now to get them all to 3 stars.


Reload/recharge on Caira and Cabot. Weapon switch speed on Abe. Damage increase on assaults. Sometimes health regen when our medic is Laz.


I myself use reload speed, very often. For harp gun


Alpha/Beta always was on jetpack recharge. Started to do same thing for release, but I thought that my over reliance on it would be my downfall. I would suggest just get better at jetpack, and drop the perk. The damage reduction is a must if you are focused. I can feel myself survive/give time for the heal/team to heal/support me when I’m tumbling around with nothing to do.

Weapon switch on Hank is a beauty, you can switch fast enough to dps, and when the monster switch focus, you can swap for the shield and activate it before his first attack. Grandiose.

I’m going to try reload speed on Cabot, must be a bitch with Railgun + Damage emp + Dust Tag.


Weapon switch is great for Griffin too. Toss up the arena then quickly switch to the harpoon gun to make sure the monster can’t escape before the arena finishes deploying.


I only ever take jetpack recharge now if I know that I’m going to be focused. That’s pretty much the only reason to take it, IMO.


I’ve been trying the damage boost perk on Hank. Hank’s orbital strike, damage boost perk + Cabot boost absolutely destroys the monster if they’re dumb enough to stand in it or if you catch them while they evolve.


@Spookycolt I think that it depends on how much focus you expect to take and if the damage resistance makes combos do less than 100% damage to you. For example, when you’re playing Assault you can switch the regen online while under attack with the shield and you’re not often focused so you’ll at best have chip damage you want to patch up. IF the damage resistance stops you being 100-0ed by a sequence of attacks then it’d probably be awesome for the trapper or medic (perhaps support too given how Hank and Cabot paint targets on their heads). I think that supports could get away with health regen too.

Of course, whether or not you can get healed is a good factor. Damage resistance seems like the best choice on Caira, Val and Lazarus may want regen due to being unable to heal themselves outside of the burst.


I usually pick reload/recharge, quick switch, health regen and sometimes capacity increase or jetpack recharge. I might be missing one.

I mainly play Caira (got elite, yay) and I prefer reload but started to think that quick switch might be better since the healing grenade launcher will reload when firing my Napalm grenades. Capacity increase is nice to though. Tough decision every match for me.