Anyone up for some Evolve on ps4 right now?


my gamertag is geniusbar99

Looking for amazing players for HUNT!


Would love to but I’m in school right now >.<
btw what rank are you?


I won’t be home until like 3:45 est. I’ll friend you awhile.


ah got it, i will accept…


yea i am bronze destroyer, don’t really have friends to play with lol


That’s the number reason I haven’t played in forever. No one to play with. :smile:


I love to play with buddies, but the one thing that I fear as a gold hunter is losing 20 points + against bronze people.


hahaha don’t worry, i will prove I am worthy! hopefully…


I am stuck in Silver Skilled because no one will play with me because of my age… It’s quite frustrating sometimes. None of my real life friends play Evolve.


yeee PSN: this_is_VALHALLA