Anyone tried this with Sunny?

…Boosting characters straight up to get a better view of the entire map?

I hit the ceiling once. :blush:



Shush, dont tell people about this, it can lead to a certain thing which i shall not divulge due to it being of gamebreaking nature

Sorry, im dumb. What? are you saying this can be combined with something like with abe’s darts?

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Hmmmm, me likey!

lets me know how the view is up there :smiley:

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theres a certain area on a certain map that is reachable via jetpack boosting and its not supposed to be reachable.

aaaaahhhhh i know exactly which one you are talking about. i saw a player up there once even before the dlc. not sure how he got up there but i know for a fact its “walkable terrain”

There’s a posted video of it. Wondered how that happened.

First time i ever rage quit, wasnt havin none of that