Anyone tried Bucket vs. Kraken now?

The range on those Sentries… wow, lol. Bucket’s damage is nearing pre-nerf Cabot & Sunny levels, which I guess is ok since that is the utility he brings. Just gonna take some getting used to. Really crazy is when you throw in Torvald or Lazarus for Weakpoints, which get auto-targeted by Sentries.

You should try bucket vs wraith it’s a nightmare, I mean at least kraken can fly .-.

Bucket vs Bob

Bucket is really good now. Get those 5 sentries set up, rapid fire 5 shots on the rocket launcher, start reload and switch back to maintain sentries while the reload happens in the background. Switch back and repeat. I combo it with jump bonus to be more mobile and save cloak for emergencies - works really well. Huge damage numbers since buff.

If I’m up against a good Kraken I will accept nothing but Sunny or Hank. Offensive play doesn’t work against him.


Against a good Kraken, all you can do is run and pray. Not much stops him these days.

I wouldn’t say that. You just need a very strong defence. You a aren’t doing high amounts of damage to a Kraken so you need to outlast him in fights.

Post Patch Bucket has earned my fear ‘__’

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I always loved Bucket. Now he gets the respect he deserved all these months.


I did almost 34-36k (With Turrets) and an additional 5k (With GML) in a 4.5 minute best of 5 (Won all 3 in a row) arena. I almost think they are a bit too strong. (Not OP, mind you, just really really strong)

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That’s arena though, and TRS knows how strong Bucket is in arena. I hope they never take that into consideration with balancing.

It’s all about how long you can survive aftershock while your assault and trapper deal 50k damage :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s nothing quite like you and your Support spending ages keeping each other up while the other two dig in. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s hectic as hell.

Every is using Hank or Suny so Idk if I will ever see this. :expressionless:

If I am support I have been playing nothing but Bucket. Won all but two matches out of 30 or so since the update. Hunt, Arena, it don’t matter what it is. He can set them turrets up so fast the monster cant stick around long enough to get strikes. Except behemoth :unamused:

We do well for ourselves though… Forgive me for the times I died, then you died… D:

It’s ok…Just blame the Karken. ^.^

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I main kraken and i do have a little chuckle when i see bucket, the turrets aren’t scary at all unless the dmg is stacking with hydes toxic nades and laz’s targets.

against a range kraken? gg^^

Play skywraith then