Anyone still playing X-Com Enemy Within?


Great game even though I know the second one just came out. I played the old old X-Com but I’m a late arriver to the new generation of X-Com. I just got it on sale back during the holiday sale on Steam.

I started my first run on Classic mode which is basically “Hard” mode and boy I’m taking a beating on some of these early missions such as the first one with the Thin Man. I need more satellites, panic level is off the charts in more than one country, I’m in bad shape lol.


I played the absolute hell out of EW for a long time. I’ve moved onto XCOM 2 now mostly but I have fond memories.

Yeah, Classic mode can be tough until you get the hang of it. Wait till you try Impossible :confused:


I always get on a Xcom binge. I’ll get a hankering and then play the shit out of it for like 3 or 4 days, then on to another game.

I need to finish it since I picked up EW and started a new save.


I don’t know if I should start over on Normal mode until I get better or not I heard the first few months are really rough on Classic mode so I might just try and plow through it. I’m definitely going to lose some countries from the council, however, from what I understand this is pretty normal?