Anyone still buying this for PS4?


I know the alpha for ps4 was a bad experience for a lot of people, but who is still going to buy this for ps4?


Why wouldn’t some1 buy this for PS4?


I am.

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I preordered it for PS4 before the Kraken was announced.


Thts wht I’m saying!!! People on the forums, Twitter and Facebook sound all buttsore and a few cancelled there pre-orders!!! I’m lookin at this and I say why?


They were mad they couldn’t play the alpha so they made the worst decision of their stupid lives.


Couldn’t play it on PS4 and I’m not hurt by that. I already had my preorder paid off and this was months before its original release I’m still excited!


That’s the way of butthurt people.They say that on forums/facebook etc etc to show the people they are mad cause of the Alpha in case they get something.Like get another Alpha to play etc.I don’t think any1 who is older than 14 don’t know the difference between Alpha and the game when it launches.So no worries :slight_smile:


I’m still getting it. The gameplay was really fun and I found out I prefer Bucket over Griffin! To be fair though, their frustration is understandable. I know I was frustrated at times of 3+ hours with no games and I’m sure all of us were at one point. The difference is how some of us act about it. Alphas are almost always going to be frustrating; you just gotta remember you’re doing it for the devs and the game, not yourself.


I feel like people still aren’t understanding what the Alpha was for. If this was the full game, then they have every right to complain. There’s no denying that the matchmaking wasn’t the greatest, but that’s okay. Devs had said they’ve learnt a lot from the Alpha and are adjusting accordingly, so that’s all that matters.


I won’t be buying it for the ps4 purely because when I did actually manage to get a game I found it nowhere near as good as the pc version. Not sure what it was but I couldn’t put my finger on it. As well as all the trouble actually getting into a game didn’t help.

I refuse to give them my hard earnt £50 for a game when I can get it for alot less on pc which actually felt a better game.


That’s fair enough, maybe it’s just because you prefer PC controls? I played both XB1 and PS4 and I preferred PS4, but only because that’s the console I’ve always used. There wasn’t really any difference in gameplay on consoles.

Even though it’ll be more expensive to but on consoles, that’s not a problem for me I guess.


Yeah i can understand if someone prefers one console over another. I have had the game payed for for a while now. I just hope tht the ps4 fan base is large enough so we can play with as many people as possible and find tht core group you know will make the game fun for you.

By the way I loved playing as every character monster and hunters. If I put the preference on random I honestly wouldn’t care wht class I play. But my favorites were Griffen and Bucket. Being able to place sound spikes and then coming in handy later in a match is AWESOME!!! as well as the harpooning him from a far. Buckets UAV is also something AMAZING!!! When we found the monster at stage 1 and 2 because of tht, the felling was SOOOOOOO SWEET!!!


For PS4 players that couldn’t play it at all: i managed to play a few games on PS4 and I can say that the gameplay is exactly the same as for PC, with the change of reactivity and nerves that we know are obviously bigger on PC with a mouse and keyboard (I played also on PC because PS4 had issues). Also, the graphics are very good, I would say almost equal to “high” settings on PC, and very smooth.

I preordered it on PS4 at first, but then I cancelled my order and preordered it on PC, after testing both.
that said, who knows if I will not get it on both… It’s fun to play more “casual” sometimes! (no offense to console gamers! I am one also)


Or said they did just to express their anger :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yes for sure the graphics look better and obviously the server issues will be all sorted by then. I played a lot on PS4 during the alpha it was great.


I still have it on order, even though I never once managed to get into a game while being off from work during the the Alpha and trying it constantly.


The graphics are the same from pc to ps4 but the framerate isnt the same and I guess it isn’t full 1080p either.

Maybe it was also better on my pc because of my 120hz monitor.


I definately am. id wait 5 more hours staring at that red circle for a chance at another evolve session. when they work out the kinks this game is going to be perfect ^.^


Exactly! Whole PS4 division is buying Evolve.