Anyone remember those support skins?


Well didn’t they kinda waste a bit of time making skins we weren’t gonna get and question who makes the skin 2k or turtle rock
@midnightroses @shin


I take it you mean support skins?


Yes yes i do.


I’m sure they will have other events to get them. For example a Hank event that gives up his skin and the stretch goal to get them all. Eventually we will have the chance at them all.


We’ll most likely see them in a future update. If not, they will most likely sell them (2k).
TRS makes them I believe, but 2k sells and stuff.


Haven’t you heard of SuperT? It’s the new Assault, TRS’s spin on Mr. T.


No it was supposed 4o be supert


What is supert?


Support mispelled


You keep spelling it that way though, you’re confusing me. ^.-


I wasn’t to bummed, because the Sunny predator skin was on sale on the ps4 the day tier 4 came out, and I bought it, wanting a Sunny skin. So when they were going to give it out to everyone, along with more skins, I was kinda bummed. Only because it made me worry they could do that to any store skin. It would’ve been cool to get that cabbage skin though.