Anyone remember the Patch 5.0 jetpack changes

I remember disliking the changes and thought it made dodging feel more regimented and less user control. Does anyone have videos showing the differences in jetpack dodges before patch 5.0 or remember what the differences were?

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I probably do, and its from the monster perspective. do we have a time frame?

I can’t recall any major changes that made jetpacking dodging feel ‘worst’ that wasn’t immediately hotfixed due to an error.

Eh, Patch 5.0 in general was horrid.

I looked at the patch notes and think it had to do with making each jetpack burst have consistent velocity and distance. To me this felt like I had less control but I can understand why some would want it.

Haha yeah I was not a fan of that one.

Consistency was very important :stuck_out_tongue:

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It was right when they rolled out Hunt 2.0

I thought I remember it was introduced because of hunters complaining about dodging which I don’t get but if it was for monsters to better predict dodges I can understand it

Well the problem from a hunter’s perspective is that sometimes you would go 10 feet, others 30 feet for instance. Having it normalized made it easy to understand when you can dodge things or not. Getting hit by an ability cuz your dodge didn’t go as far as it ‘could’ was not bueno.

that’s a terrible balancing issue if true lol glad they fixed it took them too long imo

Well they were focusing on a lot more things. It wasn’t as drastic as I painted it, but it was noticeable mostly in higher levels of play.

I hear ya but I remember it differently but of course I could be wrong. Would be fun to go back and play at different points

At the same time, though, it did reward proper timing and skilled play. I was actually pretty good with the timing needed to get the most out of a single dodge and believe me when I say that the change hit far harder than most people realised it did.


It wasn’t hard for some people, but overall it was better for the general population. The ones that are most vocal and whiny :smiley:

Well, I dont have VIDEO…

But I do recall the changes quite clearly, and have some pictures of what you could do pre-change.

PRIOR to 5.0, the hunters movement in the air / jetpacks were largely physics / momentum based. Using a boost/dodge from your jetpack basically “smacked” the hunter in THAT direction, depending on which way you told it to go.

I cant recall the EXACT values (Id have to dig them up if you were REALLY interested), but basically they went “Apply a force of 15ish MPS (or whatever it was) in THAT direction for a fraction of a second (or however long it was, but it was short)” when you used a dodge.

Now if you were just standing on the ground, double tapped jump quickly to dodge in a direction- You got smacked, poof- off youd go in that direction.

BUT, because it was momentum based- If you jumped, got a bit of air, THEN dodged- JUST before the “peak” of your jump…

Youd go further. a HECK of a lot further. In both examples here id used a single notch of fuel. But got a 9 meter difference in my jump.

This is because i dodged as i was still gaining velocity and traveling “up” from my initial jump. So when the boost kicked in, id continue along a “taller” arc before touching the ground.

And THIS is what changed.

the changes in 5.0 reduced your momentum to ZERO, then “smacked” you.

Why do this? Well- for a lot of reasons.

The BIGGEST reason, was because if you dodged “wrong”, you basically got no benefit.

What do you mean? Im glad you asked.

Again- the movement was physics based. If you dodged in ONE direction- SMACK, youre off in the air at 15-20 meters per second, but then, OH NO, i need to dodge the OPPOSITE direction! And tried to dodge while STILL traveling in the air?

The momentum of the “smack” in the opposite direction, against your CURRENT momentum in THAT direction, basically zero’d out.

So instead of dodging the opposite direction… youd pretty much fall to the ground.

There were also some HUGE map-benefits to traveling with those old jetpacks, if you knew how to time all your dodges/jumps in succession.

ESPECIALLY when using it to travel distance off of terrain. Youd be on top of a pillar/building/whatever, and then dodge into the air- And if you dodged again while still bosting forward- Youd get smacked with a 15~ mps boost, while youre already going 15~ mps. And your velocity would increase, big time. And you could continue to stack these boosts, and get some SICK distance off of terrain

Heidnu / Girthzilla USED to have a video on his twitch showcasing this… but sadly (just looked for it right now) it has been deleted. But the TLDR of the video was that with good jetpack management the hunters could keep up with goliath (basically the fastest monster when talking about sustain speed and overall map traversal) across maps, with the video in question showing the hunters keep up with goliath on i believe distillery (Both up and then downhill. With sunny they could easily beat him across the maps).

If you knew how to use the old jetpacks, they were vastly superior in most situations. And arguably OP in a lot. But like most things with evolve, most players didnt even know “this was a thing”. Heck most didnt even notice a difference at all when the changes were made- despite it being literally night and day in difference.

The changes basically made the jetpacks consistent for everyone.

Cheers o/


Thanks this is exactly the information I was looking for

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The general population didn’t realize they were getting shorted on dodges, only the high skill players, but the benefit was for the players of the general populace who didn’t realize it.


Glad to help :slight_smile: