Anyone played Vanilla Val with Capacity yet? (taste the salt)


Especially in Arena or Defend, the perks is hilariously overpowered with her.

Because it gives the monster almost absolute zero chance of downing anyone else but Val

and the only means of putting the monster out of it misery is by drowning it in its salty tears.

Was in a game the other day with this one person, and the amount of salty that the matches cause was out of this world.


Capacity isn’t the best on her IMO. A self sustain perk is best, but if you want something for HPS, Reload does it just as well (essentially removes the reload on your Medgun) while buffing tranqs and the Sniper.


I personally like QS so I can get Tranqs and Weak Points on the Monster between abilities without leaving my teammate for dead.


I like capacity over RS on her because the medgun reloads just as fast without it, which with the amount of capacity it has. Gives amazing team sustain that’s even leagues away from Caira. I dodge pretty decently and most people I met online actually cover me very well so the perk works very well for me because it keeps Sunny and Hank up for a very long time mixed with HB.

On occasions where I need more self sustain MS seems to be a perk that works very well for me, I tried JPR but found that I end up messing up my jetfuel discipline when I play without it. So I avoid that perk because it can become almost a crutch for me.

I like QS but I dislike how you can switch to a reloading weapon, which if they haven’t fully reloaded means you’re stuck with your pants on the ground not even being able to switch back to your last weapon.


That’s why I like reload, the ONLY time capacity beats reload, is when your Med Gun would be running out without capacity, and someone’s being focused. However, since it was proven that Capacity actually also increases reload speed on battery weapons, it is best for the Med Gun. (Capacity doesn’t increase the speed that it fully recharges, but it reloads the battery just as fast when it’s a larger battery, so it technically charges more battery, in the same time, which is faster.) I prefer Jetpack Recharge on her for self sustain though.


I can’t JPR with Val. :laughing:
I always end-up with bad fuel management.


This isn’t a problem for me. It usualll goes:
HEEEEAL switch… miss… weakppint! switch miss… Tranq! switch at this point med gun has recharged.


Salty vanilla doesnt sound very nice


Question: Does taking capacity perk increase the time it takes to recharge battery-type weapons?


It doesn’t, battery weapons recharge just as fast as if they had normal reload capacity. @The_Mastermind care to elaborate?

Logically you would think that it should affect it even if just by a tiny bit. But it doesn’t, I believe it may had been a design oversight.


No it doesn’t, someone did the math. It’s interesting because, for battery weapons, they still recharge by the same percentage per second, but their max charge is increased. So they charge more per second, it takes the same time to fully charge, but in that time they’ve charged more, so they actually charge faster.

I feel like I’m explaining it funny, but the premise is that since they charge the same percentage of the battery each second, but they percentage of the extended battery is more than the standard battery’s percentage, they charge faster.


Naw the med gun shield projector JPB lightning gun laser cutter etc recharges in the exact same amount of time.

So if it normally takes 10 seconds to charge 100% it’ll still take 10 seconds to charge 140%

Reload speed affects orbitals and cloak or adrenaline field


Reloading with the capacity buff on enegy weapons takes just as long as without it, just like magazine weapons.


It’s being changed possibly in a future TU. Where capacity affects reload/recharge time.


That’s actually not a bad explanation of my math.

The shield projector is the best example because of the base stats are simple.

Base stats
100% capacity (100 ammo)
10 sec recharge time

  • It recharges at 10% per second (10ammo/sec)

Capicity perk
140% (140 ammo)
10sec recharge time

  • 14ammo/ sec
  • It would take 7.14 secs to reach 100% (100ammo)
  • this is equivalent to -28.5% recharge time

Reload perk (-30% recharge time)
100% (100 ammo)
7sec recharge time

  • 14.2857ammo/ sec

The difference between capacity and reload perks is 0.14sec in charge time and The potential for +40% capacity.

It’s something that’s being looked at yes. However there’s other priorities right now. They would need to find out who character wise is affected by any changes and adjust them as needed if they go with the perk change. It primarily affects battery based tools (items which can be used even if not fully reloaded). however, items that give large burst like mortars would also need to be examined in my opinion


I feel that’s too much. Looking into every character who primarily relies on capacity could involve too much tweaking to the point where things can go out of whack.


i dont think it’s really every character. here’s a recent poll i had @chrono toss up and the results aren’t too bad. Not everyone has voted of course, or voted in all the polls but i think they give a decent idea as towards possible perk usage.

and the tweaking would depend on how they decided to do it.


That’s what I’m worried about.


I never found that to be needed. She swaps gear fast as hell, already.


What everyone else said. Capacity is > Reload on Battery related Weapons that have a Recharge.

Use Sunny without either, use up her whole Jetpack Booster and then watch the numbers as they recharge.

Do the same again but with Capacity on. You’ll see the numbers tick upwards faster than before.

So MedGun, Lightning Gun, Damage Amp, Repulsor, Jetpack Boost and Shield Projectors all benefit well from this Perk to a superior extent on those tools specifically.

Reload is better in some cases on everything else.