Anyone played the division?


So with the state of evolve where it is and the length of time before the next patch I’ve decided to just play something else until the tu(hopefully that will make it fun again) so I’ve been looking at the division it seems pretty cool trying to get some opinions on it

Thoughts on The Division?

I liked the beta. I feel if you like games like borderlands you will like the division. Some people say it is really boring so you may want to wait for some reviews, but I really enjoyed what I got to play.


I actually didnt like borderlands that much mutual more so cause everytime I played multi player everyone just rushed off and I had no clue what to do so I kinda just said fuck it plus the art style I’m not a big fan of


This is a game you need friends with when diving into PvP, but single player you don’t. The missions are good enough and long enough that friends aren’t needed to play them.


What are the pvp areas like is it just ppl killing each other then fighting to get out
With the loot ? Do ppl usually try to kill whoever got dark zone loot?


I like the concept of going “Rouge” If you do 1 bar of health damage to an enemy, you go rouge for 30 seconds, if you kill a player you go Rank 1 Rouge, then you must wait 90 seconds to get out of rouge. kill another, +90 so on so forth. After you hit rank 5, you get “Manhunt” and if you stay alive for like 6 minutes without shooting anyone, or being shot, you receive a large amount of Dark Zone Cash.

Here are some of my experiences of The Division


Sounds fair enough if it’s balanced are ppl put in with all level players or just one close to their level?


What system you play on?
Lmao why they all pointed at you


Darkzone level depends on how many side missions you do and the amount of Rouge players you kill. If you go Rouge you can also gain Darkzone level by reaching the status of MW causing a manhunt for you. Darkzone level has nothing to do with your health or any character stats but it does dictate what weapons you can get.


Me and @Torvald_Stavig play on PS4.


Well I get back to land on the 8th so Im planning on getting it also I’m on ps4 too so hit me up if ya need an extra person


Actually most of your Dark Zone EXP will be acquired by killing NPCs. Killing Rogues is just a bonus and isn’t a reliable or consistent way to farm levels. Quests/Missions in the DZ we have no information about.


It’s roughly 10% dmg to the player’s total health that you trigger Rogue status on yourself.


I can’t wait until Tuesday for the game to release! Played the Beta on PS4!

Soooo.....the division
Thoughts on The Division?

I was extremely tempted to pre-download it, especially tonight. However, getting locked out of certain activities for not getting the season pass left a sour taste. I really hope this doesn’t become another Destiny-type situation because I loved playing the beta with friends.


What activities do you mean? I plan on getting it I. A few hours


In-game events and content drops.


So, how is the full game?

You know, besides ubishits server problems.


What do my fellow Evolve peeps think about this game? I’m playing this currently it is fun and I’m looking forward to trying the PVP when I get to that point. I’m not sure how much lasting appeal it will have for some people though.


Unfortunately I’m trying to download it but I’m in I. A hotel…last time I checked it said 28hrs…