Anyone picking up Bastion this week? You should!


Right now Steam is offering 75% off Bastion ($3.74). I really enjoyed this game on Xbox, and would recommend it for it’s fun platforming gameplay, pretty artstyle and great story. My only complaint is that it was only good for 1 playthrough, but I feel that was more attributed to the fact that I don’t often replay a campaign.


I highly recommend it as well. Also, Advent Rising is only 2 dollars. Seriously, buy that shit right now.


Bastion doesn’t look like my type of game. :stuck_out_tongue:


Advent rising is a good one. No sequel ever came though sadly.


I already have Bastion, and it is an amazing game! The gameplay is great, and the narration is outstanding! And for that price it can’t be beat!


Ooh, I love this game! Was listening to the soundtrack earlier, 75% off sounds really good!


Need to finish transistor… And then Bastion… Picked them up a while ago on a crazy steam sale.