Anyone online now? [PC]


Since I bought Evolve on the PC, I havn’t played a single game. I have waited 3 hours, so far only 1 game with bad people.

Anybody on right now to play with me?

Send me a steam message: Parham Of The Bahrami


Actually just heading off for the night, but add me in case we happen upon the same times in the future!

Name is [ADB] Biobane

I usually poke my head in every day or two for a few matches, depending on my work schedule which is different every week (Work nights mainly, so may not be on too often if that’s when you can get on).

Are you trying to play Ranked or QM? Most folks hang out in QM since Ranked has some wonky queue times (Small pop + multiple divisions + splitting between Monster/Hunter). I try to keep my ranked play to Prime Times, but even then most folks still head over to QM :confused:


Quick play. Still can’t find anything.


Well, right now is the most off-peak hours of the day. Still, if you don’t live in a far out region you should be able to find games. A 3 hour search seems excessive for one match only.

Maybe you have some NAT restrictions on your router that keeps you from joining the majority of players?


It’s probably just because of low Playerbase and because I live in Australia. When are the peak hours?



If you live in Australia, a low populated area for this game, it’s no wonder you can’t find games during off peak hours :slightly_smiling:

Peak hours are ~8-10 hours from now. So early morning for you I’d guess??

Since you’re on PC you can try and change your steam download region in order to get matchmaked with people in other regions. Your ping will suffer, depending on your connection, but you should be able to find games quicker.


Yep changing your region to Britain should help. Also make sure to set your " Role prefference" to no prefference


I’m not to sure about that “no preference” thing. A lot of times, it tries to match me with people who have same “no preference” as their default. Then when I can’t find anything or few minutes I change to some hunter/monster and I’m getting into the game on the spot. Maybe it’s just timing but honestly, that’s what I observed.

hit me up.


The no prefference thing is real thing and works well for me.

With it I can find match usually to 6 minutes at non peak hours, without it it takes me about 20 minutes.

But yeah, it might be thing of timing but I dont think so


I’ve added you, but you are playing TF2. Since you are a relatively new player I’m willing to go with you for some campaign so you can rank up faster. I have 1 hour maybe 1,5 left at work… so hurry up if you are interested :]


Hit me up when you are ready!


I’ve sent you a friend request.