Anyone on xbox one want to make a team of hunter and one monster?

I’d like to make a team of old legacy players to have some custom games with on Xbox. I know there aren’t an insane amount of people on the forms from Xbox but I would love to have an experience group to play with and against to improve each others skill as monster or hunter as well as have fun. P.S to TRS: is there anyway you could make it a little. Easier to make a post on mobile its really freaking hard to keep the category menu open let alone select one.

I’ve changed the category to ‘looking for group’ so it’s easier for people to find the topic. :slight_smile:

Thanks I really appreciate that. I looked idk if mobile has a more restricted menu.

I would love to play although im more experienced as a monster, although it make take me a bit to get used to it again. with the low xbox playerbase.

Its cool so am I but I’m starting to play both a bit.

My gt is Demon Shadow1 feel free to add me and let me know when you have a group to play with.

If you want to play add me gt BipedPlayer2 one of the top medics on Xbox

Feel free to add me if you want to play sometime. My gt is turwaith86
And I think the number of Xbox players on here would surprise you. It’s just that a lot now play on PC since it’s free and Xbox doesn’t have Stage 2 yet.

yeah outside of monster play though i enjoy playing about any class.

What time do all of you normally get on?

i am online right now. just kinda hideing it due to a slight bug that causes it to spam that i am online.

My GT is CursdFoxCodeman. Feel free to invite me if you see me online. :wink:

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I’m certainly down for this. Add RBG Penguin if you guys want to play. This is such a good freakin game it’s sort of a shame no one is on it.

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