Anyone noticed the Cupcake?


When you drop out of the Laurie-Anne as support keep looking to the right side and there will be a cupcake in the fourth cubbie.


interesting ill keep my eyes peeled


The cupcake is a lie


the cupcake is a pie


The cupcake is very sly


I think it’s a rare appearance.


every time I have been support i have seen it.


My eyes are peeled question is. Who’s is it?


Who knows. My guess is it’s some supports so either Hank, Bucket, or Cabot. Although idk why Bucket would need a cupcake lol


I thought support but bucket don’t eat Cabot’s to serious for a cupcake n well Hank would just store it in his beard so then I thought of medics and caira sprung to mind


I can see Caira enjoying cupcakes. Then again, maybe Lazarus and Val aren’t as moody/mysterious/high and mighty as we think and really like cupcakes. Or maybe it’s all of theirs. Or Daisy’s.

Or maybe it’s the fifth Monster, waiting for them to drop he he can ambush them!


Clearly they’re Hyde’s cupcakes.

Dammit Hyde! Your Sweet Tooth is making a mess!


Hyde and cupcakes. Guess even wackadoodles eat


For any of you who dont know for some reason early in developement the cupcake would appear in place of a dead player. It could also be found as a home screen on the TRS computers . Its a cupcake covered in blood…i dont know why but. CUPCAKE


Im not surprised if we see itt as an easter egg later on


Yeah it’s actually true, I’ve seen it every time when I use support. When I’m about to start to drop I look at my right and there it is. I thought it was fake, but then I realized that it’s Hank’s cupcake. This is why he leaves it there so he could eat it later. This is why his teeth aren’t in the best shape! Dammit hank, you and your cupcakes!


As i stated before he would just stash the cake in his beard. I mean i know i would


no Its obviously Hyde’s he just hides it there so noone judges him


wow did not see this and said the same thing


I think they are Bucket’s. He has been learning what it takes to be human and right now he is on chapter 127: “Making Cupcakes for your ‘Friends’ that you made in chapter 114.”