Anyone noticed something about the game cover?


The footprint we see on the game cover doesn’t even match Goliath’s footprint or any other monster in the game yet in trailers shows the Goliath leave the print? Too hard for them to match foot prints?


It’s alittle stubbier but don’t worry that’s still Ol’ Goliath’s footprint.


Pic? I don’t know whats on the cover cuz Steam


Um… How is it not Goliath’s? And… Cover Photo?


Yup, that’s Goliath alright!


Not Goliaths footprint, thats a handprint

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I heard something about it being a monster they haven’t relieved but I could be wrong


Well then…

EDIT : Hand Print OP


go into a game you’ll see goliath leaves an entirely different footprint


okay okay okay

hand print!


Yii, no one knows Goliath like Quirkly knows Goliath.
Spent hours staring at him.
Not creepy sounding at all.

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That makes no sense it cant be a hand print cuz the thumb is too short and claws are WAY longer btw goliath only has 3 fingers not 4 if anything they just messed up a little and it will soon be fixed and my terrible monster OCD will be put to rest


One, Two, Three, Four
Thumb is roughly to scale as a thumb almost never fully indents when placed on the ground, he was stumbling, not making fingerpaintings.
I know my Goliath man


Screw me ive known of this game since 2013 and followed all the way to 2015 but i still domnt know jack! CURSE ME!!!


But in any case your right…good day sir!


To you as well ^.^


Is it his handprint for real though?


Yep, shape lines up perfectly, if you recall Goliath will sometimes stumble while running, likely that this was meant to represent him on the run from hunters, thus he stumbled, and left a hand print