Anyone noticed how brokenly bad the two new maps are for the monsters?


Especially with SpamBats around?


I like foundry with Goliath, lots and lots of elevation changes for me to run around.
Haven’t had a chance to run the mine yet, but it seems rough 0.o


Mine is rough for all the Monsters. Foundry is actually decent for Goliath and Wraith to an extent but terrible for Behemoth and neutral for Kraken.


Heh. Almost forgot about these threads back when the maps released on XOne. Once you learn the maps they are equally viable for both monster and hunters. Behemoth has huge advantage if he’s domed in the tunnels of the mine, and as Midnight says, Wraith and Goliath have a fun time sneaking around in foundry.


I used wraith but spammy birds with cabot just would’ve give me any breathing room, I manage to stage up to three but the relay area is too hunter favored as with the rest of the map. Also I had trouble finding food, I tried the walk backwards to respawn wildlife but it didn’t work. Scumbag wildlife AI director.


Does wildlife respawn? I thought there was a set amount on each map?


They respawn, even big ones but not elites.


Now I want a Flappy Bird remake with Gobi…


That’s crazy. I did not know this, it’s strange sometimes I have such trouble finding food late game.


Interesting, I did only a couple of games with friends as customs to try the maps but I’m curious as to why Mines are bad?

I agree on Foundry but I would think the tight spaces would be useful to Behemoth and Goliath on Mines.


Mines is nothing but choke points, its a Crows dream on that map, this poor Goliath never left my sights, almost felt bad


Mines? Almost every single engage spot is good for the Hunters. There’s always plenty of high ground and while it’s also possible to be cornered more frequently you can escape quickly and it;s easy to avoid. Plus, I played a Griffin match on that map…It’s PAINFULLY easy to trap a Monster, lots of easy chokes…It’s just generally more easy for Hunters. :smile:

That being said, I feel like a good Monster can use the map’s design and layout to get the upper hand- it’s very easy to make them split off, get lost, cornered, etc.


It just seemed to me that the cliffs were rather high so if you knock a hunter off it would take a LOT of jetpack to get back up or if you fight in the tunnels the enclosed space would be pretty beneficial.

Though again, that’s just from a couple of customs. I could see it being rough chokepoint wise though.


I will have to disagree on this. Other then the choke points I think a monster controls this map. I don’t think there are that many great places for the hunters to fight. There is some high ground, but Its high, and getting knocked down really takes some jet pack to get back. There are just so many places to corner hunters. On Xbox now I feel monsters are way better at this map now then the first few days.


I have to agree with Foundry for Goliath. Foundry is like a jungle gym for him. The few times I played there as Goliath, I was able to evade the hunters pretty easily by changing elevation constantly. It’s cool to leap off the tall buildings. Makes you feel like a bad ass monster.

Foundry is pretty bad for Behemoth though. I didn’t play as him there, but I am not going to try it after watching some live streams… No room to breathe. On the contrary,Broken Hill Mine is pretty good for Behemoth. There are so many tunnels to juke through, and the tight corridors make it ideal for engaging in fights.

But I also haven’t really played much of either… I am sure at some point I will hate the maps, since i dislike like 75% of them. haha


do you like the maps are not


I love foundry, the mines are a bit…awkward


the new maps play differently than the launch maps. Mines have definite choke points, but multiple ways through those choke points and ways to juke around them.

You can avoid carion birds if you aren’t greedy with wildlife in open areas, and there’s opportunity there for hunters to be in completely the wrong wing of the mines while you feed up.

Arenas in the tunnels favor monsters more than hunters, as it forces them to group up and soak AOE.

You just need more experience in the new maps to get used to the way they play. Try a few rounds in solo against easy hunters to really explore and get the feel for the maps before pitting yourself against peers.


i fnid mine better than foundry


I just found out Xbone had it earlier than the other platforms, so I have played them a bit more than our fellow PS4 and PC players and I personally don’t see it that way. The min as Goliath is gorgeous. So many narrow paths that leave no room to evade Lava Bomb entirely. Easily cut off everyone with a level one Rock Wall. There’s lot of room to play with. Wraith is okay too, but the others aren’t so good there imo. Foundry, I like as Goliath. Haven’t played anything else on that, always won.