Anyone know which Elite/albino creature gives which buff?


Do you guys know which elite creature gives which buff? I know that they can be spotted somewhere in the E3 footage but I can’t seem to find them all. If you can see one, please post it here and i’ll add it to my guide! Note that the buffs are different for the hunters and the monster:

Eilte Strider
Hunter buff: Weapon swap and reload reduction 50%
Monster buff: Movement speed increased 20%

Elite Mammoth Bird
Hunter buff: ?
Monster buff: Increased armor regeneration 20%

Elite Obsidian Beetle
Hunter buff: ?
Monster buff: Friendly birds: Batray’s no longer give away your position if you pass them.

Elite Nomad
Hunter buff: ?
Monster buff: Decreased cooldown for movement ability 50%

Elite Crowbill Sloth
Hunter buff: ?
Monster buff: ?

Elite Reaver
Hunter buff:
Monster buff:

Elite Trapjaw
Hunter buff: ?
Monster buff: ?

Elite Venomhound
Hunter buff: ?
Monster buff: Poisonous attacks

Elite Megamouth
Hunter buff: Ability cooldown reduction 50%
Monster buff: Ability cooldown reduction 50%

Elite Tyrant
Hunter buff: ?
Monster buff:?

Thanks in advance!


I think the perks are randomly distributed amongst the elite


I got your back!

Elite Reaver
Monster buff: 30% increased Armor regeneration

Elite Obsidian Beetle:
Hunter Buff: Increased battery and clip size by 75%

Elite Mammoth Bird (minor correction here. I double checked on the Twitch stream)
Hunter Buff: Faster reload and weapon switch
Monster Buff: Cooldown Reduction

Elite Megamouth: (one more nit-picky thing)
Hunter Buff: Class ability cooldown reduced by 50% (like domes/shields/cloaks/heal bursts)

Other than that, you’ve already listed all I know. Also note that Perks can be gained by both the monster and he hunters if the hunters kill the elite animal then the monster eats the corpse.


Anyone know if there are limits to the number of ‘elite perks’ you can have at once? If not, is there a limit to Elite creatures that are able to spawn on the map?

I.E. there are always X amount of elite spawns. If one dies another is tagged as elite and replaced. Or is there a ‘respawn’ timer. I.E. There are X elites at start. When 1 dies/gets eaten then another spawns in X amount of time. Or are there no Elites at start and the first spawns after X time until a cap, and then they follow the respawn method. Or is there a constant respawn at X time no matter how many are on the map?

Anyway, I’m curious on how valid a strat would be for hunters to go grab Elite Perks and then fight the monster. Or is the game designed more that perks are ‘nice to have’ but don’t really add much. To me, some of the current Elite Perks seem to greatly change how a battle can go, so denying your opponent and buffing your self/team seems strong.


I’ve seen a monster have two perks at once idk about the others I’m assuming they prolly make it so there’s only four elites on the map or so many for the x amount of time


I recall Matt (I believe) said they used to allow more than one perk but dropped it down to 1 for balancing. Also, the elites are there at the match’s start. In the interactive trailer, the crowbill sloth they pass at the beginning is an elite. You can hear Val call out “Albino Mutant” as they approach it


I thought I remember seeing an E3 video where they had 2 perks at the same time. Do you know if this was an older build that they were using for E3? (Or I might just be confusing it with the other 100+ vids I’ve watched) :stuck_out_tongue:


It was this bug they had in a familiar build where it would look like the Monster had two perks active when only one was actually giving the effects, so pay no mind to that one!


That makes sense. Thanks for the info! Good to know you can’t face someone who went all Pokemon and has like 4 major buffs :slight_smile: So, once the Elites are consumed/killed no more will spawn. So in essence, they are like old school powerups without respawn timers. Groovy!


That’s the gist of it, yeah! Oh also, if say you have one perk active and then go pick up another one dropped by other Elite wildlife, that one will replace the current perk you have and start with a new timer, so I guess it would be useful if you could maybe wait until your current perk ends and then pick up another one straight after. :smiley:

Which brings me to my own question, how long can perks stay on the map for? I mean it would be daft not to pick one up after it’s dropped. I was wondering if they just disappear after a while?

Probably not though if there’s only one of them of it’s kind, I guess!


Maybe it’s the same as ‘decaying food’ if not eaten quickly enough? Too bad the monster can’t drag food with him to some sort of ‘lair’/‘hidey hole’ to eat later. Or have for a buff he might want later. Imagine the hunters walking in on the monster’s ‘fridge bank’ only to torch it all to prevent the hording.


Omg that would be awesome like carry your prey off some where to eat it that would be sweet and then if hunters find it they could camp on it till you come to feed and mess you up


This made me think of the movie Aliens for some reason. Now I want a ‘mother/brood’ monster that has a skill to ‘spawn’ small creatures of sorts. Similar to Banshee Mines, but able to walk/slither/crawl and attack/harass. Works great for a spider queen to. Spawn some spiderlings to go after the hunters or bring you back food.


Elite crowbill sloth
monster: 35% damage