Anyone know the release date for the behemoth?

Been wondering if they already announced it anyone know? @MaddCow

He hasn’t been officially announced yet as far as I know unfortunately

But most people speculate that he will be out sometime this month maybe? Possibly the end of this month

I do know the hunters for season pass are already on the coming up notification on gaming consoles so that leads to a higher chance of him coming soon
Either with them or after

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He’s confirmed for Spring 2105 so anytime between March and Early June

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My bad
I apologize

Wow, I didn’t think it would take that long for him to be released

And @Theirongiant12 they’ve already done a reveal trailer for behemoth so I think that counts as an official release

I wouldn’t think they’d wait til the last day of Spring, though. Thats just the deadline, so to speak, to avoid legal issues. Evolve is the kind of game (To me anyways) that will need to pump out content at least monthly once they settle in and the critical bug squashing is taken care of to maintain the attention of those who are… impatient. Think Payday 2, they come out with content fairly often and spike users whenever they do (Especially free content) and sort of coast on it til their next update. Just how folks are these days!

Me? I’d be fine with what we have til the day the servers go offline, but I certainly don’t expect anyone else to agree with me… nor will I say no to new content at all, just that it’s great already; more will jut make it even better! :stuck_out_tongue:

You didn’t notice the typo in the original quote, which kinda changes the context

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Blah! Sorry, it’s late! Must go to bed before I do more weird stuff!

Well, they have to make sure he’s balanced, so he doesn’t pull a wraith.