Anyone know some new and good upcoming Ps4 games?


Evolve is decent but am tired of playing as monster, would like to play as hunter but it’s impossible with randoms.


The new batman looks good


Not my cup of tea.


A new hope…


Metal Gear Solid 5 is coming soon. No Man’s Sky has me super excited! But they arnt gonna be here for a while.


Elder scrolls online maybe.
persona 5 :smile:
SW battlefront


Witcher 3 comes out pretty soon, looks fackin sweet


I hope dice/EA don’t ruin my favorite game franchise.
so many pessimistic points I can already point out that I’m scared.


Witcher 3 looks good


MLB the show is only on PlayStation, and it is amazing. Makes me wish I had a ps4 :frowning:


They’ll do fine, but with games going 50+ gigs nowadays. I assume they’ll make a clone wars and space battles later


I agree. I’m super worried about balancing vehicles and infantry warfare. I’m afraid I’ll see hit and run speeder warfare. Getting run over by speeders that didn’t load in to view. I know some day I’ll get stepped on by an AT-AT. And whats Darth Vader doing on the scene?!?! Does someone who gets a 100 person killstreak without dieing get to spawn as darth vader or something? o.O





Throws money at the develops


Dude, yes, just preordered last night, can’t wait to screw up some beasts >:3


What do you like about it? Just curious. I bought the second one and regretted it. Just found it boring.


I’m with you but I honestly want to see the old republic… So many badass Sith from that era


Behemoth is displeased by this thread. He’s going to put up a rock wall between you and any other games, now you’re forced to fight him or waste your jet pack fuel!!!


If we were both PC we’d rek em together :’(


Godzilla! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: