Anyone know how we can make our Favorite Bucket better versus Kraken?


I’m talking about mostly issues around his kit.

  • Missile Launcher
  • lolzies stop moving squid face
  • Sentry Turrets
  • I wish it would hit flying targets but ok
  • UAV
  • Don’t wanna be


The GML is just worthless right now, it has no strengths vs any other weapon. I’d rather have Griffin’s SMG vs a Kraken than the GML. It either needs huge numerical buffs or a rework.

Now, turrets. A simply acquisition lock would work wonders. Once the turrets get a “lock” on a target- i.e: Kraken who doesn’t move enough- they won’t lose the target, no matter the range, until LOS is broken.

Or you could just buff the range. Whatever floats your goats.

UAV- It’s fine as is.


B… but I can curve rockets and feel like that guy from Wanted movie… eh.


Yeah, it’s extremely fun to use. :stuck_out_tongue: Arcing rockets, nice SFX, nice design, pretending Goliath is a puppy dog…


Totally not the onyl sadistic person around.

Honestly, if Bucket gets a rework, I’m going to call this old version a pissbucket.


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Regardless, enough derailment from us now. Back to the Pissbuck- BUCKET discussion.


Ahhhhhhhh finally…


Bucket’s problem, ironically, is his complete inability to support his team mates.

Bucket’s role effectively boils down to area denial. He is capable of punishing a monster for staying in an area for extended periods of time, after a long setup that requires careful and strategic turret placement.

If Bucket is able to keep all 5 of his turrets firing on the monster for their entire lifespan he is capable of producing the highest damage output in the game.

That sounds impressive, but it is far easier said than done. Turrets die in one swipe. Positioning is often tricky. Certain monsters can avoid the turrets altogether, Kraken as you mentioned can simply stay out of their range, Wraith can abduct targets forcing the hunters to relocate.
Goliath and Behemoth are more susceptible to turret damage, but their larger health and armor bars coupled with the AoE attack capabilities more than make up for this.

Bucket’s problem, again, is his inability to support his team mates.

Hank has his shield projector, the best player deployable buff in the game. Sunny also has a shield projector, albeit a non-targetable, slightly weaker one, however she is still able to user her other abilities while it is active. Cabot can enable his teammates to heavily punish the monster when focusing a target.
Bucket has no abilities he can use to directly assist his teammates in doing their jobs, other than the support class skill, cloak.

Bucket also suffers from his inability to consistently damage the monster due to the GML’s low comparative damage to the weapons of the other supports, coupled with it’s slow firing, reload and travel speed.

Finally, bucket’s utility skill causes him to remain motionless while he deploys his UAV, often resulting in him falling behind the team, leaving them without a support when they do actually fight the monster.

For starters, Bucket’s UAV should put his body on “autopilot” as his dialogue suggests, causing his body to follow the rest of the hunters.

His rocket launcher should automatically home in on the target designated by the laser once fired, providing more consistent damage.

Finally, bucket’s class skill should be given a buff of some form, because like Lazarus, he does not have a skill which allows him to fill the role of a support other than the class skill.
This could take the form of a simple cooldown reduction, though due to the nature of the invis skill this could end up having the adverse effect of making Bucket OP, so perhaps a more complex rework would be required.
Perhaps his cloak could drain half as fast when standing still, or maybe it could allow Bucket (but not the other hunters) to use his other abilities without breaking the stealth, perhaps Bucket’s stealth could have it’s capacity halved but be made toggle-able.

Having a bucket on your team is more like having a second Assault than a Support. He doesn’t fill the role that is required by a support. Markov and Hyde provide better area denial. Hank, Sunny and Cabot all provide better team support and burst damage capabilities.
Bucket doesn’t seem to do anything that other characters can’t do better.


Hahaha, honest truth - also written very vividly and entertaining!



Git Gud is my response i was playing as kraken getting the shit kicked out of me by sentries while flying bucket only missed like 10 out of 100 rockets and i was uav pretty much the whole match


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