Anyone know how to report cheaters? (I have ID and FOOTAGE YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS)


Because I’ve been encountering a common cheater, players I played with noted that the player has been cheating for some time now but never got footage.

I have recorded footage of the player cheating and their steam id.


Submit a report to Valve Anti-Cheat. Include the videos and their ID.


You mean like the one on their profiles?


Go to 2k with it, or I believe you can PM a dev about it. [quote=“TrickshotMcgee, post:2, topic:82652, full:true”]
Submit a report to Valve Anti-Cheat. Include the videos and their ID.
That works as well.


Should be able to go to Steam Support and report them. They’ll get a nice VAC ban slapped on them if it’s sufficient evidence. They might never play that game online again.


I’d probably pm shaners or LadieAuPair including your footage and the users steam id.

Do what TrickshotMcgee said too. :slightly_smiling:


Seems a bit harsh, but I guess it has to be done. :frowning:


Well, he’ll just keep on cheating if you don’t.


Cheaters need to be reported through Steam rather than through 2K. Also here’s an article that states the same:

Also can we see the video @Azmi_Anuar? :smiley:


@SledgePainter are we allowed to post videos of cheaters?

I mean its not shaming as they change their name after every game.


I’d say you probably shouldn’t as it is a sense of naming and shaming even though he changes his name. Better to be safe than sorry. :wink:


I want to see dis footage


probably just an infinite jetpack abuse, or maybe just a boundary exploit… that being said… I would also like to see this footage :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t show the footage. It is similar to showing exploits and isn’t allowed. PM the video to the Devs if you want but no one else.


Nope! Also, please PM @MrStrategio the information you have.

Since your question has been answered, I am going to close this topic now. :+1:



I have to say no, but you can submit the video to 2K.