Anyone know 'Clifford the Big Red Dog'?


I remember watching this all the time when I was younger. :laughing:

The show is originally American but they redubbed it with English actors when they aired it in the UK.


Oh god. All the bad memories of him interrupting my shows.


Who doesn’t remember clifford??

@BearStream …what did you say…?


Clifford always got in the way. Like Barney.


You didn’t like them?? Even barney??


Clifford I remember him, I had a lot of books of him, then I smacked my head into them trying to act like a Blues Clues show


Curious George > Clifford.


Mr. Rogers > Everyone else.


Although in the first season of the cartoon, he’s a giant pain in the ass.


I see what you did there.


What about the show where he was still a puppy and they were living in a different place, an apartment I think. I watched the hell out of that one too.



I never watched the show, and when I was about 5, my friends (who did watch it) asked me “What colour is Clifford the big red dog” and I had no fucking clue…


The only reason I think I remember that show was that day I was sick and threw up blood then went back to watching lol