Anyone in the UK on Xbox One able to use DLC yet?


Not sure if this is the right place to ask a question at all but I was curious to see if anyone based in the UK is able to use the new dlc as yet?

I have downloaded the patch and can see the new hunters and Behemoth in the character selection screen but they are still locked.

I have paid for the Hunters season pass and pre-ordered the game.

I received a message back from 2k customer support asking me to be patient and the new stuff will be available in the next days


If you have purchased the Hunting Season Pass for your XB1 account:

  • Exit Evolve
  • Go to My Games and Apps
  • Highlight Evolve and press Start
  • Select Manage Game
  • Go to the right and in the Add-Ons section choose Install All


@Nos37, thanks for that. Unfortunately I am now at work so will have to wait another 9 hours before I can get home and try it out if it still is not available.

Thanks again :smiley:



You can also go to the Evolve Store (in-game) select the character, you’ll get a message along the lines of, you have already purchased character and then given a prompt to install.
I live in the UK and did it this morning.


Brilliant, thanks! Ill give it another try tonight then :smiley:


I just had to do that, go to the store and re downloaded all and it worked, thanks for all your help!