Anyone here plays Puyo Puyo and Tetris?


Anyone here plays Puyo Puyo and Tetris?

Wait … let me rephrase that …

Anyone here plays Tetris and Puyo Puyo … ah crap, I got it wrong again … Puyo Puyo should come first because it is more important …

Puyo Puyo and Tetris

No! Tetris should come first because it preceded Puyo Puyo chronologically …

Tetris and Puyo Puyo

Ah! Forget it, I will just stick to Puyo Puyo and Tetris because everyone calls it that …

Just to be clear, I meant “Puyo Puyo and Tetris”, and NOT “Puyo Puyo” and “Tetris” OR “Tetris” and “Puyo Puyo” … it’s the same game, not 2 separate games … okay so let me rephrase it:

“Puyo Pyo and Tetris”

Ah yea, I finally got it right. Ah crap, I spelled Puyo wrongly as Pyo.

Ok ok, here it is:

“Puyo Puyo and Tetris”

Ah, finally! I got it right at last!


Ah crap … PuyoPuyo should be connected, not separated like “Puyo Puyo” … okay let me try it again:


Yeah man.


I was an avid Tetris fan back in the GameBoy Color days (lol), and have since bought Tetris for the 3DS…still have yet to play that. Was not sure if Puyo Puyo Tetris was worth a buy though for a single player. I need to look up some review vids on it and check it out.


Was looking up review videos…what is this holding a piece? You can hold and save a Tetris piece until later? No way man, that’s some kind of cheating right there…hardcore players don’t need to and don’t want to hold their pieces!

Other than that…looks like it’s worth a buy!


I just got the game 3 days ago.

I’m pretty good with the Puyo part since I played it for a couple of years. I can execute 11-12 chains reliably in online play, and harass quite easily. Even though my rating is only 1998 because I just installed the game, some players who played against me said I play like a 5000-6000 rating player.

As for the Tetris, I’m still learning now, since I’ve never touched Tetris until 3 days ago. I went to that Hard drop website and already memorised most of the more popular openers, and can carry them out rather quickly (about 18-20 openers memorised - Pelican, Albatross, the 6 common Double T-spin Cannon, Infinite Triple T-Spin, Double T-spin to Triple T-spin, a few other unnamed variants like infinite double T-spin cannon, Imperial Cross, 4-Wide combo, 1-wide combo, Endless Play pattern, OZJ setup, Perfect Clear setups, etc.).

I will commit to memory all of the L, J, I, S, and Z-spin patterns tomorrow. Then I will train for speed and flexibility - I’m having stamina issues at the moment … after the opener, I get pretty slow after the initial burst.

Then I will commit the remaining notable patterns to memory, except for the new, inefficient, or untested ones - I looked through the Hard Drop website, but many of them are too inefficient.


Yes, you can hold a piece using the Tetris part, but not for the Puyo.


Somehow, after reading this, a piece of my brain fell out of my ear and I realize that I’d probably not want to face you as a monster in Evolve.
…or would I? I’ve been known to be a masochist with my monsters. Just ask @The_Specialist or @Foxtrot94, heh.

Also…holding pieces is for sissies!


I just committed all the L, J and S spin patterns to memory as of right now lol.

Going to memorise the lesser strategies now :smile:


She’s not

Plus 80% of the people are new players, so that’s like eating at a feast that’s free


I meant that I like to challenge the top-raked monsters…not that I was myself a top-ranked monster, haha. Galactoid strikes me as a very analytical player who would know the perfect strat to face any hunter comp. He would be formidable playing Blackjack and no doubt a fiend at Poker.


When I play board games like Mafia or Resistance with friends, they always called me the strategist, because I literally hold in my working memory all 10 - 20 chunks of information at once to calculate as many of the next-possible steps as far as possible. For Mafia, I literally calculate the probabilities of each pathway.

Then after the game, I will share with them all of the workings that I’ve worked out in my head, which normally shocks them :wink:




Leaving this here because of relevance.


HAHAHA! SO very true!


Bought Puyo Tetris for the Switch! Man, they didn’t have it in a single store by me…even Gamestop. I had to get the digital copy.


Did I just hear someone buying Puyo Tetris?


We can have a match, but I’m using the PC Steam version, so I don’t know how we can play together.

Anyway, we should add each other if possible. I think the Steam PC version has the same pool of players with the Switch and PS4 ones. It’s integrated I think.


I just want my Disneys Magical Tetris Challenge back. oh and the very special n64 version of Tetris.


I am unsure if it works like that? Nintendo being Nintendo and all…cross platform integration isn’t always it’s thing…although it is for Rocket League.

Just working my way through “Adventure” mode at the moment. Lol, there’ an actual campaign here! I like the dog-guy engineer.

Not a big fan of he Puyo part so far though…


But something doesn’t make any sense: I have the PC version which was released just a week ago - but when I play ranked matches, I get pegged with people who are 10000+ rating on the first day of play last week, on its release date on PC. I scrolled the rankings and saw some players with 15000 rating.

It is not possible to reach that high of a ranking in a short time, making me suspect some kind of cross-platform integration.



I wish some people on this forum played Puyo Tetris on Steam as well, so that I can play with them.

Today is my 14th day of playing the Tetris part of the game, from a complete newbie 14 days ago.

As of right now, I’ve memorised about 150 patterns and openers, and can begin to beat rank 6000 players on Tetris now (I noticed that rank 5000-6000 Tetris players still do not use openers, and many of them still use only, or mostly Tetrises, without T-spins, so I’ve a huge advantage over them since I’ve so many openers, and can execute 6-7 T-spins in mid-game, over 90 seconds if I’m lucky).