Anyone here live in/ever visited San Francisco?


I am considering applying for jobs in that city, and I wanted to hear as much about it as possible. What do you like or hate about it? Are the ppl generally nice over there?


living expenses…are 10x wherever u probably live currently. in return their minimum wage i beleive is 15 an hour. and youll still barely afford a studio there. 1 bedroom is like 1600+ a month or something like that lol.


Not a fan.


I have heard about cost of living being pretty high over there. Arent salaries higher than normal over there to compensate for that? I would be applying for a web development position so i dont think i would be starting out with a minimum wage position.


Lol can i get some detalis as to why?


Lived there for 3 years but outside of SF so I took public transportation which is really great there. With that being said I hated going into the city just like Phil I am not a fan, but I love the food. One of the only pluses was that I could go to Raider game while there but even the Coliseum was a hole.


I’m not a fan of big cities. Love my small town of Eugene Oregon. San Francisco offers a lot of what all of California does, sun. Beautiful weather, lots to do, the sights are fantastic. I loved walking China town, and riding the rail cars, even though I’m not one for crowded places. The traffic is unbearable, though it is California. I love California, for trips, it’s a great sight seeing state. But I wouldn’t live there, there’s so much crime and so many PEOPLE. I like my space, walking down a street in a crowd freaks me out.

So, it all depends on you personally!!! If you love big cities, tall buildings and lots of exciting places to visit, San Francisco is booming. I enjoyed my visit there, although I personally wouldn’t live there. To many people, I can’t stand congested traffic. It took so long to get anywhere, even right down the street. People there were very nice in my experience, which honestly surprised me, you hear to much negativity about California. In Oregon, everybody here is so laid back, they talk like California is full of busy-bodies who are to busy to talk to you. But I had some nice conversations with people there.


As someone who lives very near San Francisco, I can compile a list of pros and cons.

•Nice Weather
•By the coast
•Lots of job opportunities
•Not too much violence or crime

•Housing prices are ridiculous
•Pretty damn cold. California-wise, anyways


Thanks for the reply. It was very helpful!

Funny enough, Oregon is the place i have been eyeing as a candidate. The number one reason i wanted san francisco was because the weather seemed perfect for my liking: sweater cold, but no snow. And I read Oregon is close to this. Pretty cool weather year round, right? The reason i am divided about oregon is because i dont know if i would fit in. I currently live in Tallahassee, which i’m assuming is fairly similar to Oregon. I love that it is outdorsy, and ppl are so polite. But I feel like in Oregon, just like in Tallahassee, I would have a very hard time meeting ppl with my same dorky/nerdy interests: video games, programming, movies, tv, anime etc.

PLEASE do tell me more about Oregon :smile: I’m sorry i’m asking you to write so much, but your input could play a huge part in molding/deciding my future!

EDIT: did some quick research on portland oregon, and it is not at all like i thought it was. I thought it was like tally, very small and rural, but not even close.


Thanks for the info!! Just curious, but a poster above said there is a lot of crime in SF. You don’t agree with that?


Eh, I’ve never noticed or witnessed anything bad going down. However, I’ve never lived in the city, so I can’t confirm anything. I just live in a city close by.

Edit: Just read the post that said that. He lives in Oregon. He may have different standards of what a high crime rate is. I live in Fresno, which is one of the most crime filled places in California. So for me, San Fran is pretty mellow. I feel as though it’s more of a perspective thing.


HA! tell me about it. I grew up in Puerto Rico and i almost peed myself laughing when someone here in Tallahassee told me they thought there was a lot of crime in Tally.


Oh lord. From my understanding, Puerto Rico makes Fresno seem like Tallahassee, lol.


I work near union square and the few streets i have to cross to get to work sucks. People never look where they are going the drivers are assholes the people are assholes too everyone thinks they own every inch of the road/sidewalk.


So-Cal master race. :stuck_out_tongue:


damn im really surprised with all the negative feedback i have heard about SF. Now im really discouraged. I did some more research on Portland and im definitely not moving there either. what am i going to do with my life :frowning:


Move to another city and take bart to san Francisco XD but yeah to be honest everyone in SF are assholes. I swear they dont want anyone doing anything. Just last week i saw a news bit where people were complaining about runners…


I have read so many mixed things about the ppl. In a few sites i read that SF ppl are some of the nicest and most social ppl out there.

Do you or anyone else have any insight on San Diego??


Went there once. I’m not much for cities, but the Exploratorium museum was fun. That city has a major problem taking care of the homeless and the mentally ill, it’s pretty depressing. Dunno if I’d wanna live there.

Driving the Pacific Coast highway is one of my favorite experiences of my entire life, though, but that goes all down California.


It depends what you like man. I’m not a city boy, never have been, and so I’m pre-disposed to dislike pretty much any city. There are a lot of people that love SF…good food, stuff to do, nice climate…it just has all the bad points of a big city in large quantities. There are a few cities that I can say I like, but SF aint one of them.

A lot depends on what you’re looking for. For example if you can deal with the rain and consistent gray weather I find Seattle to be a generally pleasant city. San Diego is another one that I’ve always thought was pretty nice…but that’s me. What is your criteria for choosing?