Anyone have recommendations regarding Graphics Cards?


So recently I’ve decided to upgrade my laptop a little bit so that it handles some of the more…graphically intense games better. As of right now I’m still using the Intel Graphics, which I find runs most games fairly well on medium/low settings.

But thats getting a bit off topic. So does anyone happen to have any recommendations when it comes to Graphic Cards (for laptops, but not sure if that affects anything or not.)

Further Notes:

  1. Not looking for anything too fancy, just wanting to be able to run most games better than I currently do.
  2. Assume that my budget is around $200, but preferably I’d like to get something between that and $150.


You want to upgrate your laptop’s video card… ? Oh jeez, … That’s not an easy task. Have you done this before? Also, depending on your laptop, you might have more than the graphic card to upgrade. Mind telling us your specs?


Id wait till the new maxwell series comes out in 1 or 2 months. Then other cards will be cheaper…


You do realize you can’t upgrade a laptop’s graphics card easily right?


I wish I could get medium/low settings with intel graphics…

Okay seriously, I don’t think you know what you’re stepping into :stuck_out_tongue: What do you have already?


Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-3230M CPU @ 2.60 GHz
Installed RAM: 6.00 GB
System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

Sorry if this is the wrong information.


Have you ever replaced a graphics card on a laptop before? We compared already stated it’s much harder to do so on a laptop compared to a desktop.


I have never done this before, and I see just from simple searching how much harder it is. I’ll probably just go and do more research on this instead since there doesn’t appear to be a simple solution.


Yeah… See, normally, for gaming purposes, people will invest into a desktop type computer. They are much, much easier to upgrade ( I’ve never dared to even touch a laptop’s insides even though I’ve built a few computers throughout the years ).

Your processor is a bit sub-par as well, and 8GB of ram ( though the speed of the ram matters as well! ) would be what I’d suggest for gaming. I don’t think you would have to replace everything but, … personally, I would simply recommend investing into a desktop computer, or a gaming laptop.

More often than not, it’s better to get a new computer rather than upgrade the laptop, since buying all the parts ( and replacing them ) on your current one would prove to be expensive. How old is your laptop, by any chance?


I’ve had this laptop for two years (had gotten it as a birthday present.)

For the actual lifetime of the model I’m not sure, all I know/remember is that its an HP 15 Envy.


If you’re serious about PC gaming just get a desktop, or save up for one.


Any recommendations? Any time this topic comes up in other forums people always argue about the individual parts and prices instead of giving simple answers.


CPU : i5 4670K
Video Card: GTX 760 or AMD equivalent ( not sure what it is)
RAM: 6-8 GB (depends if you use photoshop, software, etc.)
PSU: A good name brand Power supply is a must, something like Corsair with 600-650 watts.


The place I’ve found the most helpful is Go to the forums and post your budget and what you want to do with the PC (if it’s gaming, list the specific games, preferrably a couple that are already released). Or just search the forums and look at other builds. The people there are very helpful if you’re polite.


There are also a lot of barebones kits that you can buy for one low price and get most of the things you need to build a pretty good gaming system. Check places like Amazon and Newegg for barebones kits, then pick a video card you like.


We talked a lot about the options in this thread already if you want to check it out.

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