Anyone have pictures or videos of the Sunny and Slim Elite skins?

I’ve already seen Torvald and Crow, but no one I know has Sunny or Slim.

Not me been too busy to play much recently.

Lemme DM you that site I told you about the other day before I forget. It has NJPW, Impact, and Lucha Underground.

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Not the best photo
But i can tell you first hand
The skin is rather
got some better ones :smile:


Slimming, you say?

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Thanks. I’ll try to play more next week. I have NJPW world and get lucha underground on cable. Your group still active?

Yeah, we’re still very active.

JP-RT looks sacute :3

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Thank you, sir. Digging the elite shield drone.

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Me tooo, also i got better pics of Slims in the post above :smiley:

Oh, wow! The bug drone is elite. Lol. My medic will be pleased.

Indeed, Jim is looking good in his little elite skin, I love all the “Pet” skins, they all look so good

yeaOH! (sorry, had to)

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