Anyone have any words of wisdom?


Recently I’ve been experiencing a lot of rage from Evolve and thus not really playing it for the past week. As a monster player, I’ve been getting into games where I would counter every move the hunters made, landed every ability for the perfect person upon the situation, etc, but I’d still lose and feel like I get cheated out of it and thus I rage quit and go play Rocket League because I feel it properly rewards my skill in the game. Do any of you have any words of wisdom to end this disgusting habit before it causes me to quit Evolve entirely? I don’t want to leave Evolve, but I don’t want to play a game just to get pissed off and not have fun from it. Any words of wisdom is appreciated. :heart:


I think you’re too focused on a win/loss and whether or not you gain/lose points for it. I would recommend just playing customs with friends/community members and not worry about try hard modes. I’ve had a lot of fun and success with my randomizing program and just messing around with custom games and modes. Random map, mode, map perks and roster. Its pretty fun.


No it’s not being focused on a win/loss kind of thing. It’s more feeling like the game isn’t made to where it’s a fair fight. Thus I want some words of wisdom of how to deal with that >.<


Why do you think it’s not a fair fight?


Ok I’ll give it a shot. Thanks man :smile:


Well like I said, I would do what would be the best thing to do in a situation. Like I would counter their every move, cut them off from each other, etc and somehow my health gets shredded faster than I can dish out damage sometimes which baffles me. Like when I lose and I know it was a good fight, I don’t get mad at all. I know what I did and I know it was a fair game. But some games it’s like no matter what you do, no matter how well you play as a monster, you’re outmatched in every sense and it bugs the living hell out of me. Basically instead of the hunters versing a boss, it’s the monster versing a boss.


Ya, that can happen. Playing a monster is tough because you have to deal and work around 4 players of similar thinking capacity all working together. They can come up with 4 great solutions all at once when you are limited to just yourself. Definitely try some custom games and have both sides play things they normally wouldn’t etc…


Thanks for hearing me out man. I love this game so damn much but it’s a love/hate relationship lol

I love the concept, I love the lore, I love the characters and their designs, and I love TRS, but I hate how the balance is and has been against the monster mostly. Like I got this game to play as a badass killing machine, not a punching bag >.<


You’ll have to join my Saturday Evolve Jam Session sometime. Its a lot of just fun stuff with the community.


I’ll be happy to :slight_smile:


My advice: wait until the sunny nerf. that will help remove a lot of frustration that she brings to the game. since people will stop spamming her everywhere.


It’s not just Sunny it’s the game’s balance. I honestly think she’s balanced. She just adds a different challenge to the match is all.


Eh, to each their own I guess.

My experience fromt his makes me so happy that she’s being nerfed.

I might be able to play monster again instead of being rofl stomped over and over again.


I think it’s mostly the Stage 3 feeling… I don’t feel that rewarded for going to stage 3 due to relay cheese and frustrations from bunkering teams. I think that is the biggest thing that feels like a lack of strong monster feelings.


And something else that bugs me is out of all the characters that they buff it’s freakin KRAKEN!!! Sometimes I don’t understand why some of these changes were even on the drawing board -_-

No offense to TRS of course.


Start playing hunter; the monster experience is going into the toilet.


I would say to watch hunter player’s streams. Most hunters have the same general tactics, if you can get inside of their heads then you can turn those tactics against them and take control of the game.

I get that that’s vague, so i’ll give you an example. Say you scare birds far away from the hunters, go ~50m in some direction and scare them again, then turn around and go straight back to where you started. they’ll see the 2 birds and think you’re moving in that direction so they’ll go to cut you off where you would be if you were going that way. Boom, they’re on the other side of the map and likely don’t have a clue where you are.

I think that games of this nature are skill based to a point, but skill only goes so far. At a certain level, you can’t progress without adding some mind games. It seems to me like you may have hit that ceiling in Evolve with your monster play.


It’s not anything like what you said. No offense intended. I already know how to do psychological warfare in Evolve. The thing isn’t about me. It’s about the game and it’s balance. For the longest time I’ve warned about bad balance changes or releases of DLC and how it would more negatively affect the game than improve. For example, when Behemoth was announced to come out, I said it seemed way too early, like something was gonna be wrong with him. And what do ya know, he came out as a damage sponge that took 2x damage all the time. I’ve warned about all the hunter buffs and how it would make this game hunter favored and make the monster into punching bags and what do you know? They released so many hunter buffs that monsters were more of a threat than a box of kitten in the rain. I’ve given TRS ideas in the past of how I think it’ll even the playing field, but it’s like they listen to the guy that just picked up the game a week ago instead of listening to the people that have been playing this game since the Alpha. Knowing these things are what builds up my anger and to see it coming true over and over and over again and I ask myself, ‘What’s the point of voicing my ideas if TRS seems to want to only listen to the people that have come up with the most stupid ideas I’ve ever seen I swear’. Like in the most recent patch the buffed Kraken and buffed his AFTERSHOCK radius even though it was already considered OP and stupidly easy to win with. So basically the main problem I have is that I’m on my last legs trying to have hope because well, it feels like they are trying to make this game for casuals and noobs more than the people that are actually good at the game.

Here are some other examples that I considered to be some unnecessary changes that happened:

  1. They nerfed Goliath’s Traversal when he was considered the most balanced monster at the time and their excuse for the change was, ‘Well he would keep trying to mitigate damage and so we wanted to prevent that.’ In other words, ‘Make it easier for the hunters to hit the monster and harder for the monster to survive.’

  2. In another patch, they wanted to try and reverse the weakening monster process but somehow their logic was, ‘Let’s make the weakest stage only a tiny bit stronger and make the strongest stage weaker.’ Like how the f*** does that make ANY sense?

  3. Another patch they decided to buff the most OP hunters and continue to nerf the monsters. Like what the hell TRS?!

4.Now in the next patch, one of the changes I heavily disagree with is how they’re nerfing Gorgon’s Spider Trap damage-over-time aspect just so newer hunter players don’t have to worry about it as much and I’m like, ‘So make it easier on the newer hunter players again, but make it harder on the monster player no matter what skill level they are? Like seriously?’


Yeah, it was a pretty big conclusion i jumped to.

I totally agree with you on those other points though, the S1 S3 changes were really unnecessary in my opinion. Sure more power S1 is cool but the point is not to fight them at S1 so it was really, like you said, just a big nerf to monster S3.

I think mitigation is a concern that hunters have because it does kind of feel like you are getting cheated when you catch the monster in a dome and don’t manage to get any damage, even if it’s necessary for monsters to survive. What some monsters use, others abuse.

It feels like TRS is getting better at listening to the concerns that matter and trying to balance the monsters at all levels, but they’re still pretty new in this competetive game. Sometimes monsters are up/op, but sometimes hunters are op/up too.


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