Anyone have any twitch or youtube videos of Console Behemoths in tourney play?


I would like to see how console Behemoths play at the competitive level and their level of competition. I heard there was a tournament where a Behemoth player went undefeated, that would be unheard of on PC as even a win in any round is a news worthy event.


Match starts at 04:31:49. For some reason it’s not letting me copy the time stamp into the link, but here ya go.

Behemoth Match


You gots to Hyperlink it, Coreh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here is a link to the exact time Insane was referring to:

Behemoth Game


That was a good game. I didn’t see enough return on putting 3 points into RW for that build. I can see 2, but not three points. There were many times he tongue grabbed someone then threw up RW but didn’t get any strikes for it. In another Behemoth thread some people were making it sound that if you TG then RW them off from their team it was an easy down.

Good hunter play and Behemoth play. His Behemoth style is a different then mine though. I like the Tongue grab then fissure combo instead of TG then RW.


I wonder why he hasnt rolled over players as the Behemoth? Rolling does quite a lot of damage, has the ability to seperate a Hunter + Hunters have no way of blocking it/recovering from it while the roll keeps going.


Someone taught me the exact same build that behemoth does except they put 1 point in lava at s3. Its a good build for getting to s3 since you are able to mitigate and get strikes at the same time.


I will be playing Behemoth in the Upcoming Shear Violence tournament. Happens this weekend.