Anyone Have Any Ideas For Ways To Support Teammates


I’m am creating my own support hunter and was wondering if someone could think of a way to protect a teammate.

Just because I’ve never created a poll before who is you favorite support character?

  • Hank
  • Bucket
  • Cabot
  • Sunny

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In what way are you thinking about the concept ‘protecting’ teammates. That can mean a lot of things.

Additionally This Thread can give you some ideas I’m sure.


I mean how hank uses his shield projector and sunny uses her shield drones “protect” Cabot uses his damage amp and sunny uses her jetpack booster to “boost”


Once we hit 100 voters I’ll go ahead and close the poll


How is Bucket winning, I thought people hated Bucket for being under powered.


I don’t know I’ve always like him, maybe there changing their minds for this new update.


Bucket is the best support. No one wants to admit it.


I think people always liked Bucket for his awesome personality, and perhaps on top of how fun his kit is, it just wasn’t good enough for the trade-off it offered. He’s shining more with the upcoming patch. :smile:

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Do you think bucket and sunny fight on who will drive the Laurie Ann?

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I think a cloak gun would be an interesting idea though, it would need to have a low charge to be balanced but I imagine it being pretty cool, and I wouldnt doubt that being what the fifth support has :wink:


See that’s what i keep trying to tell myself that it’s really cool but i just don’t see it :confused:


Depends on the map really. Hank and Cabot lose one ability in the broken hill mine. Also it depends on the monster. Sunny is excellent for Behemoth, because he can’t jump, so if she keeps the hunters in the air, the behemoth will have a hard time. It can be really tricky to hit Kraken and Wraith with Hanks orbital. And Cabot will have a hard time keeping the damage amp on the wraith. Cabot is also really good against the wraith, since a lot of wraith players hide all the time, a nice dust tag will do the trick. Bucket can work for anyone, but he has no way of directly boosting the hunters.


I keep changing the title cause nobody understands. I am talking about making my own support and i couldn’t find a way to make a tool that supports the teammates. Such as shield projector/drone and jetpack booster


What about something that makes it where if the monster does damage to that hunter it damages them


Like a reflector? Nice idea


For random brainstormed ideas, reducing allied cooldowns, putting up a wall, or setting a cage trap.

You could take an existing effect and make it deploy differently, like a jetpack boost zone, or perhaps something like a damage reduction field.

Another way to go would be an alternative damage oriented support, like Cabot or Bucket.


You should create your own hunters, man you have imagination

(Que gif picture)


I want a support that can make five spots on the map have an area that makes you run faster

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Like a area boost type thing.

Ever played second son first light if so you mean those cloud boost things?


I have made a few, but I was just throwing out ideas that may help you.

@Huddledocean That’s a fun idea.