Anyone have any Idea of when the 9.0 update is coming?


I am hoping Goliath gets tweeked for the better, hes almost perfect as is, but when injured he’s as slow as f**k and then his little flaws really become noticeable, Sooo many times I leap smash and he’s standing beside something you cant see and he gets stuck on whatever it maybe, he should leap forward but smashes pretty much in the spot he’s standing in, obstacles like trees, you leap and you hit them even just branches the tree smashes up but you land a meter or 2 away from the tree,wasting the leap completely, this leap could be your last chance and I have had matches where those couple of seconds where the pivotal point.

All I’m asking is that obstacles are less punishing, these same trees that stop you in flight are the same trees you brush off and the crumble.the monster can be very clunky at times, other times hes smooth if terrain allows for it


Soon ™

######sorry, had to, don’t kill me


The only info we have so far is “summer”, because of “pretty normal gaming industry stuff”. what that means, i don’t know, because i have no idea what could cause a long needed patch that was basically finished (they had even invited streamers to show it off) to be pushed back almost half a year.


There’s no official date yet, but Shane did mention that due to the delay they are working to pack even more into it. It should be pretty amazing!


Damage doesn’t affect movement speed, it only affects the animation.* Unless you are referring to something else entirely.

I actually had to verify that, just to make sure.


Well when he runs and not injured he moves fine, but as soon as he gets low health and he curling up I really appears to go slower, maybe its just me but he gets very clunky, I do be tapping buttons and nothing happens ( i watch the cool down ) but its insane, I played against a silver team, Half silver anyway,

I dont understand what it is I am supposed to do when I’m in the middle of a battle, support is shielding everyone I attack, I attack support then medic drops in with the health all while I am ignoring others that do damage, so frustrating, If the team was another monster it would be a moster that could regenerate health and armor while somehow making use of diversion tactics, but you kill and comes back 30 seconds later


I nearly always focus down Hank, incap him then turn on the medic. Assuming that you have the health and armor to do so. Don’t spread damage around as Goliath, that’s Meteor Goliath’s job. :meteor_goliath:


I just won a similar team, but had to pretty much kill the team twice as killed the last hunter just as the dropship came in, was a close enough match, Just won by the skin of my teeth.

The match though previously I couldnt down hank as he stayed well back, if I did attack Val would just give him full health bar as soon as a combo or something didnt fire on time, Like flames for example, great for finishing them off when their just that bit away but if you had to use fire breathe for something already or it just wont fire when you hammer the button it becomes impossible to kill them, I find the game a bit laggy though at times, some issue’s i have could just be connection issues, I used to play on PC but when I came to xbox the difference was insane, Goliath moved so freely on xbox and actually responded better when i pressed buttons, the difference was insane when I switched, But at the time on PC I couldnt say any different, I would have had to stop playing and never have known it was an actual connection thing.

There being so many players but all so few and far between, it made the game impossible to play.but in saying that I dont know yet whether this lag I get is on the back end or my end. like something as simple as pressing buttons and having the monster do it at the right time is how fast the upload/download time is from the servers. I wish they could get more player so I could actually play more people in my region


I smell Evolve 2.0 from this.


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