Anyone have a VR headset?


I ordered some cardboard VR thing for the lols, like cardboard paper craft. Haven’t tried it yet, just built it. Basically my iPhone 5 slides right into it and I can watch movies in “3d”. It’s called the Google cardboard.

I’m thinking about the future and how excited I am for VR. There’s a few VR headsets out there, oculus rift, Samsung, Sony, HTC, etc. I don’t know which one I’m going to get yet.

Anyone have a dev kit/VR headset?


We have a few demo kits at my Google Fiber store. The cardboard ones are actually pretty impressive considering the quality of materials. That being said, windy day is the best app for that imo :slight_smile:


I gave it a try this morning, and my dirty mind took my VR experience in a different direction. A bit adult rated, but 10/10.

The Google cardboard suprised the hell out of me, really cool


I’ve tried Oculus VR in the past. It’s awesome.


I got to experience this at Pax East earlier this year. I was REALLY impressed with how it is coming along.


One of the game studios owns VR in here. I’m really close to them and get chance to try them on frequently. Geocell (Local TeliaSonera) showcases them during the local Game Jams.

I can remember my legs shaking when I tried it for the first time. It was a demo of Roller Coaster.


I really want a roller coaster tycoon game with Oculus support. I want to show off my crazy roller coasters VR style :smile:


Bill Gates owns an iPhone? WTH?


I’m going to buy the Sony Morpheus as soon as it is released


Goes to show how crappy the windows phone is :wink: