Anyone have a spare "Monster Expansion Pack" code for ps4?


I pre ordered at walmart (hard copy) and never got a code and am completly screwed as walmart either won’t or can’t fix it.
Please help me…


That’s strange… It wasn’t on your receipt?


Visit them. Make a fuss about it. Do everything you can against them.
Talk with the manager.


No it wasn’t on my receipt.
And I can’t make a huge fuss there (It’s where I work and I could get fired.)


Too bad and hard luck if it isnt on your receipt ! I mean did you actually bought it before the release date ? Was it a pre-order ?


I got a pre order card. a few months before release.
it say I will get it all it fucking has is $4.99 vudu credits
And no codes in the game case or on receipt


Same boat here. I pre-purchased back in April last year and I wasn’t given anything special. I assumed it was linked/synced into the game code itself maybe, no dice. I’m bout to send a msg to TRS though cuz the servers for PC aren’t working.


Not only did they have 100 ways to buy the game apparently they couldn’t get it to work. -.-
I’m seriously thinking of bying a code off of someone…


Wait a minute,you’re telling they might fire you from your job because you complained as a “customer” for not getting was is suppose to be your?

Couldn’t that allow you to take it to court for not providing advertised merchandise and wrongful terminassion?


You should always check before buying…
Initially i pre-ordered from amazon for all pre-order bonus but cancelled my pre-order 2 days before release and ordered from another party because they were giving free Evolve Hoodies with the pre-order.

Always look for better alternatives. Never look easy options…( you choose walmart cause you thought you could get it fast)

Also, when you talk about this, you are not an employee but instead you are a customer and walmart MUST resolve your problem. You can take action against wrong advertisements but all this is pointless if they advertised the item with 4.99$ VUDU crap.


If my attitude becomes an issue they can fire my for ill conduct


It also says “Pre-Order now and receive the monster expansion pack”


They can fire you for ill conduct when you work as their employee but as a costumer if the advertise product wasnt given to you (and make sure that it was actualy advertise like screenshot and all the shit hard evidence.) then they are suppose to give it to you and if they fire you from your job for complaining as a customer for what is suppose to be your (as i said before hard fact) then my friend that an easy win in court.


I could care less about legal matters point is I wan’t a code and walmart doesn’t have them.


Then listen to what people are saying and complain that you didn’t receive what you were promised…


If I complain will they magically acquire codes?
I’m tired of complaining, I’m tired


Basicly bro here how it goes.

Check your fact if the fact confirm your suppose to have the code (check real hard dont wanna fuck up here.) then complain until they either give you the code and/or the equivalent to acquire such code as they should or until they as you pointed out “supposedly” fire you for ill conduct,then go to court do a wrongful termination win the case easy get the equivalent of about id say couple hundred worth of code?


No but they can let say give you a 10$+ giftcard of whatever system your on to acquire the code.

it walmart they surely have xbox/ps4/steam store card or at the very least prepaid credit card.


You can’t “Officailly buy it” but I guess I’ll buy one on amazon and talk my boss into chipping. after It was included in my purchase of the game correct?


That could work,could also get a store card for the system and trade it for a code on the forum i guess?