Anyone have a map of feeding routes for the different maps?


Topic, very curious on optimal routes to take and where to go to double back for the good buffs


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That said, here’s a thread in regards to wildlife buffs, where they spawn and at what time during the match:

As for feeding paths, it differs from person to person. However, the thread with wildlife buffs has also the maps in a white background, which allows you to print them and then map the wildlife on the map (which is what I have started to do).

Then based on that, you can decide what to do best. To you go for the route with most food or do you go someplace where the hunters have no idea which direction you might have taken after they used the planet scan.


I’m sure you can find something on youtube.

I just found some vids from @Wednesday13, like this one:

Links for the other maps are in the video description.


Feeding Routes are always a differnt personality depending on how the hunters react in the lobbies.

I just happen to finish making a quick wraith route for another thread somewhere around here.


its rendering atm, but im sure it will be up soon enough.