Anyone got the Elder Kraken background on the forum?


It changed randomly for me, hopefully it means that it gets released soon!


Yep, doesn’t it look pretty!?


Hell yea! So hyped for Elder Kraken, I like close range Krakens so this will be perfect for me :smile:


Almost made a post about this, put it in the Elder Kraken thread. Great Minds think alike!


:heart: :elderkraken: :heart:


Great… Another reminder that i cant touch it!
THANKS @Shaners @Insane_521

Yet again… Giving me Blue Krakkens…

badum… tish


Just noticed it as well.
Dem oh so subtle TRS hints ; )


I was halfway through a post and I saw the background change. Confused the heck out of me for a second. I’ll have to check out that thread so I know what to expect.


:open_mouth: it’s gone?

edit: refreshed and it’s back. maybe it was an old tab I had open



:elderkraken: or




Edit: copied the wrong link… >_<


I have some people coming over tomorrow to play evolve. It would be freaking awesome if elder kraken was playable then! :smiley:


there are many!


RELEASE THE (elder) KRAKEN!!! :elderkraken:


The mods seem to know more about this. But hells yes, seems he’s going to be released soon! Shame he got leaked in the previous update, imagine not knowing about him, then suddenly a wallpaper, and now this!


This wallpaper is so badass, thanks TRS!



Quit giving it away Madd!!