Anyone got a guild build or strat for stage 1&2s Wraith wins?


This challenge is super annoying with all the Vals running around with their snipers and their tranqs and those crazy heals and shields that come with it. :rage:

But most of the frustration comes from playing the wraith itself and using its garbage abilities.

I’ve had few success but so far have had less than 25-ish hunt wins since the challenge started, Hyde’s are almost always an instant lost for me. :expressionless:

My most successful build so far has been

Stage 2

  • 3 warp blast, 1 abduction and 2 decoys
    And run Feeding Speed, I find that he help me keep my armor up. Movement and damage is OK I guess but its a risky perk.

I mostly only use decoy now to back off from the hunters to feed because using them in combat or as a way of repositioning is infuriating with how dumb the ai and how long you decloak when damaged.

I tried using supernova but found that it does more harm than good. :confused: I even tried 3wb and 3abduct but found that its not fun to play with as out of combot you’re very vulnerable.

Challenge completed but would still like some tips to open up my playstyle.


The challenge is already completed so need to do it anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


What its done what shut hwuthagasffghjjkl???

You’re pulling my leg…



S1: 1 WB, 1 Abduct, 1 SN
S2: 3 WB, 1 Abduct, 2 SN
Gets the job done


Basically, from my understanding, ignore Decoy and choose your fight spots carefully :smiley:


1 warp
1 abduct
1 decoy


2 WB 1 Abduct

3 WB 2 Abduct 1 SN

is how I do it SN is my finisher I don’t actually use it all that much mostly I’m abducting and WBing till they’re low and then finish with a SN heavy.


I use decoy does my opinion matter?
Stage one: 3 WB
Stage two: 3 decoy
This has never failed me. Not once.


My build is as follows


  • 1 Warp
  • 1 Abduct
  • 1 Decoy


  • 2 Warp
  • 1 Abduct
  • 1 Decoy
  • 2 Supernova

I love s1 2 decoy 1 warpblast then s2 2 supernova 1abduction combo decoy and nova


^That’s mine too, and it works pretty well. I take Traversal Stamina since it’s important for the tumble combos I dislike but have to use, and it doesn’t get completely negated by tranq like movement speed does.

I would advise trying to open by getting close and pouncing someone important if you can get them in a decent position (for you), otherwise get in there with Warp Blast and try to hit someone important or hit 2-3 of them at once. Get a few heavy hits in until they start blasting their jetpack to get away then abduct them back, let them try again and WB in front of them, then hit Shootmenova and go feral on whoever you’ve been focusing because they’re probably out of jetpack by now, bonus points if you can get cleave damage in. That’s a reasonable general strategy but in the end it all comes down to what their team is (probably Val Hank/Sunny Jack Hyde); where you fight (tight corridors vs open spaces, water hazards you can dump downed hunters in to prevent revives etc). and what they do with themselves. I know that doesn’t help much but hopefully you can pry something useful out of it.

Happy hunting being hunted.


This is what I do.
S1) 1 WB, 1 Abduct, 1 Decoy
S2) 2 WB, 1 Abduct, 1 Decoy, 2 SN
Perk: Movement Speed

Stay sneaky if possible until S2, then go on the hunt when you’re full armor S2. Lure them into an area with a tyrant, or some other large aggressive wildlife. Make sure you have a lot of pillars or things so you can lose LoS and then decoy for a flank.

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@Mercury @10shredder00 @Buznik

Hey, I do that build too! I think it works phenomenally. Let’s me escape s1 domes if the trapper has some distance.


And again, as always, learn to combo, and learn to use heavy air melee strikes. Then just max out WB and take at least 1 point in Abduction (I prefer both maxed out) and tumble the hunters all the way around.
Also it’s useful to force the hunter team to split up, like around really big obstacles on the map, then you have an easier time getting one of them down. Drop ship encounters are also fun, but don’t go for them on skilled teams…


Stage 1 - 2 WB, 1 abduct or 1 wb, 1 abduct, 1 decoy

Stage 2 - 3 WB, 2 abduct, 1 decoy

I only find SN useful at s3 or when a hunter is cornered/low. But usually if I can corner a hunter easily enough to use SN often, I dont really need it against that team.


What are some good starting perks for Wraith? I usually run feeding speed, sometimes movement speed. Idk if I should invest in offense or defense.


Its funny that everyone names Warp Blast first^^


just go 3 warp blast then 3 supernovaI


It’s pretty much instinct for people from the Western cultures to order things from the top-left since that’s how we learn to read. Odds are if we were having this discussion in Chinese we’d go Abd > Sn > WB > Dc.

I’m an avid fan of traversal stamina since it can help you get away from the hunters a little faster than normal BUT it doesn’t get nullified by Val’s tranqs like move speed (otherwise I’d probably take that). It also helps if you’re tumble comboing or can give you that little extra burst of speed to get up to that hunter on the cliff and spank them before they boost away.